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CHICAGO TRIBUNE. SATURDAY. JUNE 25. 1966 a four-day determine to the in resistance to is it injury exists ascertain Lawyers Bait Dog in Trial for Damages BY JOHN O'BRIEN Whether Rex n is a vicious, uncontrolable 'police dog was the subject of a courtroom demonstration yesterday in federal federal District court The demonstration before Judge Joseph Sam Perry and a jury had opposing attorneys yelling, kicking, and waving their arms in an effort to provoke provoke the 6-year-old 6-year-old 6-year-old 6-year-old 6-year-old German shepherd into an attack. $100,000 Civil Salt Rex II is a member of the canine unit of the Chicago po lice department's task force. His master, Policeman William Bryant, and another officer, Frank Varallo, are defendants in a $100,000 civil rights suit filed by James W. Bracken, 50, of 504 W. 42d st., a utility company company foreman. Bracken testified he was bitten bitten five times twice in the abdomen, once on each arm, and once on his right leg when he was attacked by police dogs, including Rex II, as the task force was trying to quell a street disturbance July 4, 1963, at 45th street and Normal boulevard. He has not been able to work since, he said. The disturbance began when a cab driver tried to drive in 45th street between Normal boulevard and Wallace street even tho the thorofare had been barricaded against traffic for a street dance. Bracken said he went to the scene to get his two children and, because of the crowd, was unable to obey a police order to disperse. He was then attacked by dogs, he said. Cop Hit by Bottle Bryant testified that Bracken "stepped from the crowd and threw a bottle that struck me on the chest," then splashed a liquid into the faces of the policeman and Rex II, yelling that it was acid. Rex II grabbed Bracken, who fell backward to the pavement. In court yesterday, Ben No-voselsky, No-voselsky, No-voselsky, an assistant corporation corporation counsel, waved his arms and kicked at Bryant, and even grabbed a gavel and swung at TRIBUNE Staff Photos) James B racken showing bandaged leg. Policeman William with Rex II. Bryant the policeman. The leashed dog crouched and lunged, but did not attack. Then Bryant re leased Rex II, and the animal went over to Novoselsky and let the lawyer pet him. Bracken's attorney, John Coghlan, not to be outdone. waved his arms at the dog and shouted, "I'm trying to help you," which Bracken said he was attempting to do during the incident. Rex II again lunged but was restrained by the leash. Novoselsky said he used the demonstration in an effort to show the jury that Rex II is a highly trained dog and will not attack a person unless ordered to do so or unless the person attacks him first.

Clipped from Chicago Tribune, 25 Jun 1966, Sat,  Page 7

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Chicago Tribune
(Chicago, Illinois)
25 Jun 1966, Sat  • Page 7