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Mensheha's letter to the Editor.

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Mensheha's letter to the Editor. - Voice of the People Writers should be as...
Voice of the People Writers should be as concise as possible. Give till names and addresses. Manuscripts Manuscripts are not returned. Spaco. it limited; the right to condense letters is reserued. Address letters to Voice of the People, THE TRIBUNE, Chicago, 111., S0S11. 'Abortion is murder' CHICAGO The April 15 letter from Doctors Mcnsheha and Manhart uses false arguments to support legalized abortion while dodging the fact that such deliberate killing of a human being being is murder. The doctors say that "in its early stages, a human embryo looks like a tadpole." The looks of a human embryo are beside the point; its humanness is what distinguishes that embryo from all others, and that humanness is the very basis, under our civilization, for that embryo's having a protectible right to life. That means no parent or other person has any right to extinguish, extinguish, abort, or murder that human life. The doctors say that because Illegal abortions have never been stopped they should be made legal. That same kind of nonthinking could be applied to every other kind of illegal act, but it would obviously not provide any satisfactory satisfactory solution. The doctors naively ask, "Whom are we helping if we prevent legalized abortions?" The answer is slmplei By preventing legalized abortions we are helping tho human being whose right to life begins with its creation; we are helping the mother and our entire society society by recognizing that no one has any right to kill an Innocent person just because it makes her healthier, happier, happier, or more . comfortable, The logical extensions of abortion are "mercy killing" killing" and then killing at will. Doctors Mensheha and Manhart support support legalized abortion as a means of "saving" a mother at the expense of (he murdered child she helped create. That attitude represents the antithesis of medicine, the true goal of which should be to preserve both lives. Legalizing Legalizing abortion is really just another example example of the immorality and futility of killing persons as a means of solving problems among human beings. Edward V. Hanrahan Former cook Count stale's Attorney Massacres by Turks CHICAGO The Tribune is to be commended commended for its forthright editorial of April 24, "A dreadful anniversary," lest we forget the terrible Turkish massacre massacre of the Armenian people In 1915. We must not forget another massacre by the Turks, of the Greek population of Smyrna in 1922. I was there. I escaped escaped alive, but my father and my grandparents were not so lucky. Because the so-called so-called so-called civilized West took no steps to bring the Turks to justice for their massacre of the Arme-nlans, Arme-nlans, Arme-nlans, Turkey felt free to carry out the second massacro. In 1955, the Turks attacked the Greek minority in Istanbul, but again the West did not bat an eye. Again, last year, the Turks attacked the Greek people of Cyprus. Armenian The this right it that rights human political people present steps character instead China. after Nam as and

Clipped from Chicago Tribune, 03 May 1975, Sat,  Page 12

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  • Mensheha's letter to the Editor.

    Itspathetic – 27 Dec 2017

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Chicago Tribune
(Chicago, Illinois)
03 May 1975, Sat  • Page 12