Womeb Eager To Lead (Womans Clubs) Chicago Tribune 25 Sep 1898 Sun p 37

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Womeb Eager To Lead (Womans Clubs) Chicago Tribune 25 Sep 1898 Sun p 37 - WOMEN EAGER TO LEAD. AST WISH TO BE PRESIDENT...
WOMEN EAGER TO LEAD. AST WISH TO BE PRESIDENT OF STATE FEDERATION OF CLCBS. Uertinff Will Held In Chicago Be. ginnlB oa Oct. 18 Fall Prognm of proceedings Sessions to Continue poor Days Gossip About Probable Officers Plans of Sfw Athletic Or ganization Balldlnjt to Be Completed on Jan- 1- i ! HT3 greatest Interest In the meeting of -. . . Y. .. J J . . IT- tee Illinois reuciauuu ui um(0 a -z2.z. centered In the election of officers and the choice of a President to succeed Mrs. Wiles. There never has been an election in h'ch there was po little unanimity," said a amine nt club woman. " Not that there is m slightest disagreement, but no two cubs m to be agreed in the interest of any one oman. There are no declared candidates, at energetic workers are canvassing the rVj j' the interests of a dozen women. ?re is a decided sentiment that the Presl-aL should po out of Chicago this year. fhrough Mrs. Wiles, the Chicago Women's HL has had the honor two years in succes- ,'on now. Among those most prominently and per-. .eCtiy mentioned to succeed Mrs. Wiles re Mrs. L- Brace Shattuck, the retiring President of the South Side club: Mrs. James patton. President of the Springfield Women's club; Mrs. Anna L. Parker. Vice president-at-Large of the State federation rd President of the Quincy Women's Coun- j. Mrs. Clara P. Bourland. Presiden: of he' Peoria Women's club: Mrs. Mary Cod-ivg Bourland of Pontlac. chairman of the educational committee of the State federa-and Vice President of the federation; esd Mr K. L- Farson of the Chicago Worn-:- club. Mrs. Thomas Worthington of wnonvllle. It is said, would be a strong n(3idate for the office, but she refuses to .ntt her name to be presented. Clubwomen who think the Presidency .hould be placed In some city other than Cbleago regard Mrs.. Parker or Mrs. Paiton ts the strongest canmuaic. Two Old Clubs Enrolled The Illinois federation is pleased at the eaulsltlon to its membership of two of the nst conservative clubs of the State, and two which long held out against entering .,. federation. Since the last meeting the -Moat rlub In the State and the oldest club In Chicago have been enrolled, the Friends In Council of Quincy and the Friends In nf Chicago. These two had voted oar after year not to enter the federation The organization has doubled during Mrs. tciW two terms as President. Two years ao there was one standing committee that on education and now there are seven. In 1S97 one on philanthropy was added and a committee to further the interests of the women students in the University of Illinois. In 1S0S the number of standing committees was raised to seven by adding nRimltteaa on literature, music, art, and libraries. Club women have recognized the last as one of the most Important working bodies of their organization, ana as one areomollshtng the most. It has been Instru mental in the establishment of public libra ries la many of the towns or tne state. Two women prominent In the work of the general federation have written signifying their Intention to ne present at me sriun ' of the Illinois federation. Mrs. Philip N. Moore of St. Louis. ex-Corresponding Secre tary nf theeeneral federation, and Mrs. Kin ney, national director from Utah. President MeKlnlev has been requested to speak be fore one of the meetings or tne istate iea- eration, but it is feared he cannot accept. "I understand." said Mrs. WTiles, "that he desires to make his trip West a res as much as possible. Under these conditions i .mert that I shall receive a formal reply itating that the President Is in the hands nf thA fWcam Peace Jubilee committee. If he should not be able to address us, we ihould like to have him be present a short Mle at one of the sessions.' Complete Program of Meeting. ThA nrnrrara for the meeting of the Illi- fri. terlorntlnn In this CltV. Oct. 18 to21. has fnxt Vienn. rpeptved from the printers. In detail It Is as follows: ' OCT. 17. MONDAY. 2 P. M. Meeting of P.onr.3 nf Director Chicago Woman's elub. Fln Arts nullum. MieniKan avenue. OCT. 18. TUESDAY. 9 A. M. TO 12:30 P. M. piiiKavn TVninnn'" rlub. Fine Arts Butldlnc 'Committee on Credentials receives all deleKatfS an,l dues, gives badges and tickets tor reserved i a" m. to 12 m. Chicago Woman's club. Stand- In committees If called by chairman. 11 a. m. Chicago Woman s club. Meeting or celegates by Congressional districts iu uuimuic Vice Presidents. OCT. IS. TUESDAY. 2 P. M. rantrol ATn.ic Wall. Tnvnrnttnn Mrs. Isabella leaning Candee. Cairo .ATdress'of Welcome for the city-Mayor Harrl- Address of welcome for the Federated Women's r nha nf rnnK l ouniv Airs, r-tituver u. ........ President cnicaeo woman s t uu. ! Rer,lv and address by President federation Mrs. Robert Hall vJZlf remittee on Education Mrs. Mary Codding Bourland. chairman pLintiac. uenerai aiscussiuu. . ... n j t. . fnmmitto on Philanthropy Mrs. t,. j. Richardson, chairman Princeton Woman'! club. i General discussion. ? TUESDAY. 8 P. M. Central Music Hall. "P.twyt Cnmmlt fe on MUSlC. lira. William A. Starin. chairman. club, Waukegan. Lecture Recital on Ru?ian music J. Mrs. Reglra Watson. Chicago. Sn . William B! Towel President General Feder ation Women's Clubs. Atlanta, oa. ; OCTOBER 19. WEDNESDAY. 10 A. M. ti.nnrt. r.t fnrtv clubs Joining federation since last annual meeting. 11 A. M. t , o..ortisit committee Miss Sarah Maria Falrbank. chairman. " The " Music by rjJrSrf for " music Music The , club, noor for 9 of the Illinois Wiles. Chicago CUonlan society. the Sesame the Wednesday class nding Secretary Mrs. Daniel Jacksonville. Report of Treasurer Miss Fairbank. and Audit- mr committee. Mrs. Marm. V11 1 ",- Tx-r.m. Report Subcommittee on the Intents of Worn. r-.r. rf Tillnnia Mrs. ri. iVl tmnlap. chairman, the Social Science club. Cham- Report Subcommittee on Libraries 'M'" ran- ci Le Baron, chairman, c-isiu . i . i . . tnm i n 1,1 rpn ........ Mr. nh..i. D.nn.n Mattoon Honif culture club. General discussion. WSrivT-qnAV 2 T M. ART INSTITUTE, MICHIGAN AVENUE. ExVMtion of household furnishings, with ehort .explanatory talks - :';V''f'i" Literary program in Fullerton Hall. Art Insti- tute. at 3 p. in -- ly. . . . . .......... .. .Mrs." Dwight Perkins Chairman. Chicasro V oman scmo. .t." f.f.S!Ct.0r. !n..UMi,is0nEM,ab;h Harrison Chicago Woman's club. "Art in the Home5: ?. . . .Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright "Art In Conduct and Conduct as Art. ...... .... Mr. Georjre M. R. Twose Secre'tVrv of the Arts and Crafts aoclety. , s Generai discussion. - WEDNESDAY. 8 P. M. v - Central Music Hall. Orran solo Toooata in G major Dubois Mr. Victor Garwood. Chicago. Address-" Interdependence of Progressive .In-BUfnees in the Community." Mis Phebe S. Sutliri. Resident of Rockford College. Rockford Federation of Women's Clubs. SUB-TOPICS. "The Home." Mrs. Carl Ellsworth Black, the Wednesday Class, Jacksonville. ' The (Hiirch " Mrs. Cdia P. Woolley. the league of Religious Fellohip. Chicago. "The School." Miss Mary McDowell. University .OfCMcago Settlement Woman's club. "The Press" Mrs. Margaret T. Greenleaf. Woman's Literary club. Savannah. . The Library.' Miss Katharine Sharp. Libra-T'tr. of ih, t niversiiv of Illinois and director or tate Llbary School. Woman's club of Champaign and tTrbana The Art Museum." Mrs. Walter Olds. Arch6 club, Chicasro " The Woman's Club," Mrs. James W. Patton. B,2ri,5efipl1 Woman's rlub. ,,-, . , "The Concert." Miss Mary Bull. Friends In voujiell. Quincy. ".,The frama." Mrs. Martha Foote Crow, wistant professor of English. Lnlverslty of Chl- ".T'Chica go Wt man's club. . . . D .The Social Settlement. Miss Jane Addams. ""'I Hou.- Woman's c!ub. . . Vu8i(.Walzel..Marcnen by Eduard Schutt. Puaino. v iolin. Miss Marian Carpenter; piano. Nettie R. Jones; violoncello, Mr. Kay WUl- OCT. SO. THURSDAY. 10 A. M. n. Central Mualo Hall. "Bo reports. U-ri . 11 A. M. v!2t?n of y-iaws. p" Business. lrt of Nominating committee Mrs. E. M. "acon. chairman. Decatur Woman's club. THURSDAY. 2 P. M. CENTRAL MUSIC HALL. Usloai -The Lost chord" Sullivan ; bl " Welcome. Pretty Primrose ".Plnsutl w. tl ' Tdy Bird " Cowen -.JxiTo:e Clef of the South Side ;- reports. - (11. i club. Chicago. , - nna. L. Parker, chairman. Quincy Woman j- Council. ttsio-Vocal solo. UI " N"l Jamais Nl Toujour "Old French Melody. b " La Miniature " xn K- Vanderpoel, Chicago Sm Eva Emmet WycoL UlghUad Park.

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  • Womeb Eager To Lead (Womans Clubs) Chicago Tribune 25 Sep 1898 Sun p 37

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