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virgil beckerman, illnoisians in 7th, chicago tribune, 28 may 44

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virgil beckerman, illnoisians in 7th, chicago tribune, 28 may 44 - 60 ILLINOISANS MAKE 7 UNLUCKY NUMBER TO JAPS...
60 ILLINOISANS MAKE 7 UNLUCKY NUMBER TO JAPS Battle Foe in India with 7th Bomber Group.. BY CLAY GOWRAN. tt'hlrnsn TrlrMlile Vreitu Mervlce.J AT A U. S. BOMBER BASE, Somewhere In India, May 27. Sixty-officers Sixty-officers Sixty-officers and men from Illinois are serving with the army air force's battle scarred 7th bombardment group, which has just completed 30 months of combat in the Asiatic and Pacific war theaters. Their four engined bombers have seen constant action since the day war began. It was a squadron from the 7th, making lt Initial flight overen, that bnrgml Into the middle middle of thti menk attack on Pmirl Harbor. Dec. '7, 1041. and lnnclnrl ' amid the smoking wreckage left by the Japs. A few days later that squadron pointed its bombers southwest to- to- tie of Java. 2 Other Units Go to Jnva. Two other squadrons of the 7th made aviation history a few weeks later when ordered to Java. Col. Conrad Necrason of Cooperstown, N. Y took his squadron by way of South America, Africa and India, while Maj. K. B. Hobson of Illinois, led his squadron via Pacific island stepping stones. Both squadrons arrived arrived at Malang, Java, within an hour of each other. In the confusion preceding the fall of Java, several squadrons of the 7th were assigned to the famous 19th bombardment group and fought with that group during the last days of the battle for the East Indies. However, when Java became hopeless, hopeless, a nucleus of 7th veterans was sent to southeast Asia. After being chased out of Mandalay and Rangoon Rangoon they proceeded to India, where the group was reorganized, and then trained in Karachi, India. On April 2, 1942, planes of the 7th made their first attack on the Japs from India, a night raid on the Andaman Andaman Islands. Since then the 7th, now equipped with B-24 B-24 B-24 Liberators, has dropped 6,128 tons of bombs on the Japs in 3,521 sorties. It has hit shipping, rail yards, freight trains, air fields, enemy troops, docks and Jap headquarters. It has shot down 77 enemy planes and probably destroyed destroyed 52 at a loss of 26 planes. 7th Wins 997 Air Medals. Here in the India-Burma India-Burma India-Burma theater, where medals don't come as easily as in some other theaters, men of the 7th have garnered 997 air medals medals and 333 oak leaf clusters. In addition they have won 625 distinguished flying crosses with 133 oak leaf clusters, 15 silver stars, 17 soldiers medals and 56 Purple Hearts. One taugh young gunner, Tech. Sgt Lawrence Rademocher of Osage, la., has won two Purple Hearts. This is the second war for two of the 7th's squadrons. Both were organized organized back in 1917 and number among their battle honors Lorraine, St. Mihiel, and the Meuse-Argonne, Meuse-Argonne, Meuse-Argonne, in addition to Java and Burma. Spaati Once Headed 7th. The 7th itself was formed Oct. 19, 1919, in Parkfield, Tenn. Among its former commanders were Lieuten ant Generals Lewis Brereton and Carl Spnatz, and Major Generals Clarence Menker, Howard Davidson, Ralph Royce, and George Strate- Strate- meyer. Chicago officers In the 7th include Lieutenants Irving Burg, 6513 N. Sacramento av.; Charles Boyd, 118 N. Central av.; George Hans, 9400 S. Loomis blvd.; Dow Martin, 4205 Madison it; Cornelius Lewandow-ski. Lewandow-ski. Lewandow-ski. 4054 George St.; Arthur Flesch, 105 W. Lill av.; Richard Gingland, BC 0 S. Langley av.; James Dowson, 61 1 Bernice av., and Edwin Bodley. I 'listed men from Chicago in-cl in-cl in-cl e Staff Sergeants Albert Bayuk, 9" "3 Phillips av.; Thomas Connelly, 3 S. Lowe av.; Theodore Adams, F 3 Dorchester av.; Charles V. mien, 1748 W. 51st St.; Hans f'-iren, f'-iren, f'-iren, 3123 N. Seminary av.; Alex Rosenberg, 4327 N. Sacramento av.; Technical Sergeants Lawrence Heu-ser. Heu-ser. Heu-ser. 1234 Norwood st; Irving Greenfield, Greenfield, 4814 N. Albany av.; Sergeants John Carey, 11040 S. Central av.; John Hawkins, 7207 East End av.; Anton Batha, 1316 S. Albany av.; Corporals Vincent Follert, 4311 W. Adams St.: Charles Doorley, 1253 W. 67th St., Theodore Deutsch, 530 S. Lawndale av., and Privates Enzo Bianucci, 4826 VV. Cermak rd.; Airmen Hit Island LS MAY 26.1944. , Target of latest bombing MATSUWA ISLE, 1,000 MILES FROM TOKYO, BOMBED U. S. PACIFIC FLEET HDQ., Pearl Harbor, May 27 (IP). American American airmen blasted Matsuwa Island in the Kuriles, only a little more than 1,000 miles from Tokyo Thursday, Thursday, the navy said today. The raid was carried out just before before dawn by a Liberator of the 11th army air force. No opposition was encountered. Matsuwa has1 been bombed twice before. A search plane on the same day struck Shumushu at the northern end of the Kuriles again without opposition. In the Caroline Islands Mitchell bombers pounded docks, warehouses, warehouses, and gun positions at Po-nape Po-nape Po-nape Thursday, meeting only meager meager anti-aircraft anti-aircraft anti-aircraft fire. Joseph Iglltz, 942 Eastwood av., Seymour Seymour Gerber, 3.753 Pine Grove av.; Arthur Bishop, 2126 Giddings St., and Edward Burg, 1132 E. 45th st. Other Illinois Officers. Officers from other parts of Illinois Illinois include Capt. William Korber, 719 S. Clarence av., Oak Park; and Lieutenants Carleton M u n d a y, Peoria; John Robertson, Peoria; James Nemecek, 6949 Riverside dr., Berwyn; Charles Nueth, Mascoutah. Illinois enlisted men include Master Master Sergeants Harley Conrad, Alton; John Van Pelt, Paris; George Coff-man, Coff-man, Coff-man, Time well; Robert Funk, Mon-ticello; Mon-ticello; Mon-ticello; Ross Funk, Case; Wayne Henke, Freeport; Franklin Brink-ley, Brink-ley, Brink-ley, Oblong; Lawrence Chambers, Mount Morris; Technical Sergeants Lester Castenson, Elgin; Eugene Drish, Moline; Warren Hinds, Wilmington; Wilmington; Edwin Krbec, 2111 S. Ridgeland, Berwyn; Staff Sergeants James Balma, Jouet; George Brandon, Brandon, Sparta; Edward Fore, Olney; Charles Kiesel, 3135 S. 53d ct, Cicero, and Frank Holstein, Whea- Whea- ton; Sergeants Alvin Kleusing, Glenview; Judson Puckett, Benton; Virgil Beckerman, Mount Carmel; Corporals Harold Smith, Taylor- Taylor- ville; Robert Davidson, 178 N. Kenil-worth Kenil-worth Kenil-worth av., Oak Park; Donald Dun-lap, Dun-lap, Dun-lap, Elgin; Eldon Miller, CarlinviHe; Theodore Adams, South Wilming ton; John Baks, Springfield, and Pvt. Carran Book, West Frankfort Commandos Raid Island in Yugoslavia, Say Nazis LONDON, May 27 OP). The Ger man DNB news agency said today that British Commandos landed on the island of Mljet, off the Yugo slav coast, the night of May 23, but have now withdrawn, leaving four dead and several wounded and captured. captured. IN ALL THE no other rug

Clipped from Chicago Tribune, 28 May 1944, Sun,  Page 5

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  • virgil beckerman, illnoisians in 7th, chicago tribune, 28 may 44

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Chicago Tribune
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28 May 1944, Sun  • Page 5