Chicago Tribune - son kidnapped by Indians

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Chicago Tribune - son kidnapped by Indians - Indian Captive Roelalmed after 'S nirty-ti ve a...
Indian Captive Roelalmed after 'S nirty-ti ve a ear's AMenccinci- aenia oi his Life, IFrom.tbe T!ffln:(Oh!o) Tribanf. Tb following narrative of the return and re cognition of Matthew Bravton, the long lot or tlijao tsraytca ot this connty, woo was bv the Indiana 84 vea arro. will be read interest. It was kindly furnished by Mr. vv. unamoeriaio.oi uarey, ana can De reuea as true : ua tne zotn ot nept., iubs, two cnnaren ot Brayton, then residing near Springville thig county, were sent out after the cows. going a short distance from home, the younger one, Matthew, a lad betwen seven and years of age, became fatigued and started a neighboring house, close by, while the continued the search for the cows. Since time, nothing ha been heard of the child. lately. The country was thoroughly searched, bv all the whites and friendly Indians resided near this settlement, and continued several weiks, but without efiect. At tne time was lost there were two scars on his person, on his head, caused by a boil, and one oa big tee of his right foot, caused by a cut an axe. During the latter part of last August, it was ascertained through the medium of the papers, a returned Indian captive was at Cleveland searching for hit relatives. Search was made this person, but be was not found until Tues evening, aov. io, wnen ne was aiscoverea a farmers house near Sugar Grove, Warren County, Pa., by Wm. Dayton, who started him immediately for Adrian, where he arrived Thursday noon. 'I he news flew like wildfire through the neigh borhood, and the people have been visiting bim constantly since bis arrival, questioning ana cross-questioning him until he is almost exhausted, 'l'be scarB corresponding to those on Matthew Brayton when lost, were found on his per Me is a man ot aooui a leet ? ) incnes in height, and of light complexion. He has some tattoo marks on his chest, also some scars on right leg. caused bv wouuds received in an Indian battle some turee years ago. tne Indians in performing the necessary surgical ope ration, strapped him io a log, and sewed up tbe wound (some 8 inches in length) witn a buckskin thong, making but tbiee stitches. Tbe scars made by tbe needle and tbong are nearly large as that made by tbe cut ot tbe tomahawk. He has with him his Indian dog, called Nemi, and a large pipe made of flint, which weighs nine ounces. He says it took him one moon to drill the bole tbrougn nis pipe, wr.icn did with a piece of steel, some beara oil and water, tie was stolen by tne rottawatomie ana Canada Indians, and wag shifted from one of these tribes to the other, until he was sold by them to tbe Papaw Indians, who gave 4 gallons whisky for bim, and they sold bim to tbe v mneDagoes tor t gallons, i ney were living at Michigan at that time. The Chinpewas bought him of the Winnebagoes, and kept him two months and a half, and then gold him to tbe Sioux for eleven gallons of the " fire water." his be does not recollect nimseii, out it was told to him by the various tribes, as he traced himself back to Ubio. He remembers back to the time be was owned t-y the Sioux, which he says was twenty-six years ago. To use bis language. I was tnen a neaa shorter than I am now." He was purchased from the Sioux, twenty-five years ago, last April, at Cedar Kapids, Iowa, by the Snakes and Copperheads, with whom he bas resided ever since. Me uvea in lows two years, tnen movea to Minnesota, where be staid aix month;; thence to California, where he resided 54 years; thence to Oregon, where they staid two years; thence to the Russian Possessions, where he has resided ever since, except when traveling to aud from thair trading points, lie lived near ftehring's Straits, two hundred miles northwest of "Big Esquimaux" village, 60 deg. north latitude. He has crossed the Straits several times in the winter season, on the ice. He was crossing once, a few winters ago, on the back of a large elk, going at a pretty sharp pace, when tbe elk stepped into an air hole, throwing him over his head in the water. At the time this took place tbe lamented Dr. Kane, with bis expedition was in that section. After getting out of the water he met one of the crew, a man by tbe name of Thomas Hickey. Since his return to tbe States, on his arrival at Cleve land when he got oft tbe tram, he saw Hickey who recognized him instantly, calling him by his Iudian name. He was in St. Paul, wben it only contained seven bouses. About eight years ago, bis tribe being nearly famished by bunker, went to Hudson Bay in search of provisions, where he brst learned that he was a pale face. The whites be ing unable to purchase bun (tbe Indians refusing to part with him.) threatened to take him by force, but tne great disparity ot tbeir numbers preventing them from putting their threat in force They would not visit any white settlement for three years after that, for fear he would luave them or be taken away by the whites. I hey then visited Lord Selkirk's settlement on Iled'river. where tbey got into a skirmish with the whites. The whites told them there, also, that he was a white man. He had been at fit. Paul seven or eight times on trading expeditions; also at Lord Selkirk's settlement, Hudson's Bay and .St. Anthony's Falls. The whitea rr peatedly told his tribe that if tbey did not let bim go to the States, to search for his relations, t hey would take him from them by force. He left his residence September, 1S58; left St. Paul cn the lrith of April, 1859, in company with bis I atlian brother, (chief elect last fall,) six Indians, three ponies and five dogs. They came with him to Chicago, where he was taken sick, and placed in the hospital for treatment, and kept there till he recovered. His Iudian friends there left him and returned to their tribe. He went from there to Detroit, Mich.; thence to Ohio; thence to Northern Pennsylvania, where he was found by Wm. Brayton, Esq. He was then on his way to some Indians in New York. He can speak five different Indian languages, viz : Snake, Copperhead. Crow, Utah aud Flathead. He also speaks tbe English language very fluently and correctly, which lie says came to film almost intuitively on meeting with the whites. The tribe with which hj lived had a C3mpass and watch enclosed in one copper case, which tbey used in traveling. Tbey purchased it of the Russians for $100. He says the Snakes, Copperheads, Crows, TJtahs and Flatbeads together number 100,500 gouts men, women and children included. He married the daughter of t e Grand Chief seven years ago. He has two children, son and daughter. His daughter's name is Tefrona ( fame Deer), and is five years old. His son's name is Tulloosa, two years old last June. His own name isOwahowah Kishmewah. When be arrived at Chicago, be was dressed in Indian costume, daubed and painted, bis hair hanging down to his knees. Wbile in the hospital, tbey cut off his hair, and scrubbed him wuh snd, goan and water, until all vestige of the paint was removed. He eats meat raw, but wid not eat food containing salt.

Clipped from
  1. Chicago Tribune,
  2. 30 Nov 1859, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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  • Chicago Tribune - son kidnapped by Indians

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