Mary Mitchell Judd marries Seabury Smith Gould

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Mary Mitchell Judd marries Seabury Smith Gould - be the his of Sir to an it a SHAHS-DRAWL a...
be the his of Sir to an it a SHAHS-DRAWL a has-band's it to at ? - abet-tared. I bully-editor, ; ; 1 S T A3E CE. Wedding of the Daugiiter of Hon. N. D. Judd. The ErldzI-D:ess, smd the Toata cf t4 aces. - Costly and Elegant Presents Insi The Slipper and the neWelle - Among the few social events tbst have Maas COM. sive tipples or widening circles on the uniscalki, still surfeca of society'. WaVIIII during the past sag present SeaSOLI, ZE11214 be enumerated the eitesittly et 3 osterday. when the friends of Mies Judd and Itte Gould gathered to vritnese Liu& marriage. The cards for this event had been out for a fortzegt and aociety's belles have been on the qui riVII respect. big the long-looked for event which should 'Lae Mies Mary Mitchell Judd and Mr. &sentry Gould, Jr. The ceremony was perfornied Me dance of of the brides tether, the Eon. E. tg. Judd. ca. lector of the Port of Chicago, at Eenwooc, the eatateedious marisioa forming a charming and eLgilele piece for such an bwriorbuit affair. The intimate itur..4 were invited to wines the ceremony g p. TEE LRIDS is to well known and has boot too telt thought og society to require more than a mention of Ler MaJ211 for every one to recognize the fact that another of me fair belles of the city has assumed the dionty of mee. ried life. She is rather below the mediate belgr.t. with the clear. bright complexion peculiar to imericas giria, and a Lice of niarked character and trateiLmite,.., ono which, Snots DOM, will long be retool:M4..4i tor brightnees and vivacity. Itte GOLD la a resident of Seneca Falls. end the-reeve not Tete aa well known to our Ceicaga people. He Is tali erasers to look down upon hie bright little wife, go that Ms can literally fulfill vrozaates aepoluted Ethers aul beak up to tier husban& ehe parlore had been beautifully decortied fiowera, & bay window facthe the west beteg dived. anti the embraeure entLeely 1ei rith a Lenz of rare palms, ere, and blogeoming plenis. Other ton epee basket aud garlands decked the vertoas rooms ems were thrown open to the guests. The Litter were neerly all seeezebled at tee appoin-. ed hour. and Hand entertained thew with the Ste, Dade from Marilee" The strains of this Ltd woe ly died away wben tee topes cf tee wee-know& heeding Aimee told of the arrival of THE eittnera PARTY. They were preceded by the four uslie rs. len exert Caton. Mr. J. A. Hamer, Mr. Louis et elver, zed lee Willient le Keep. MPS fed, aped Lila Oil brijemitalli- MIES Nrouip &mill, of Seneca Pale, N. L, sed lie a Fenny W. hostler, of Lase Foresee Mee Lams et. C31,011 and Mee Freddie bummer, of C17...te-aga. Sill X, Irene Baldwin. of Lenwoote end Miss Cora of Lake Forme. Then the Lride foil med. seeperee by her father, and Mete Jedd attezteed by LA en, grocer. Mr. and Mrs. Gould and &nue other free :a stood near. The bridal party bad deacendeet frau tet rooms ebove by a private staircase. so thee they lei assembled in the library sod palmed from there tea into the broad bee to the Large drawing-zoo a "thee they entered, and placed thereeelem in. prettier or. before the floral entnenkment described Lefere. bred and groom were In the centre, three Leiter -s each side, the metiers forming the ends of tea cite:lee The Rev. David S. Jchnson, of the Hyde Park It tei byteriazt Chureet, performed TER CEREMONY, which was brief, but intermeuve. The bile's ceee came stud went as tias works were uttered teat to el telange her life. There ie no reason to 'armee for km Goole, nee Judd, anything but the happiest Pelee for ": Happy nt the bnde teat the sun shines cm," see the sun elatme very warmly and pleasantly yetKerc,y. Congratteations ftelowecl, first from tee near end aerx 01011, then from those whose claim wee leo la kinseip, perhaps, but warm in friends...Lin. They v eremest and heartfelt. and, if grazgl tithes well beet happineee and prosperey, the young people star, ea the voyage of lite wed freleited with mese tokens cif love. All present bating congretnlated the hapry ye:mg couple mid their pareate, hand 1.211:111 pleyed a and, the door of another room being operate Lao ise party ted the way to elle SUPPER-ZOOM. Ems WAS a beautifulivesertod table with every datete device of the confectIoner's art. Wright lisva4 i. tue Rein even more attractive titan wiled. re-enterers &eel gerlande of multi' which en:feet:oiled tie tale adde to the general effect and latightened it. Tea bride's and groones cake on elevated "tends at Pea end of the Wale were beautifully mermen-el, the brides with delicate week U. ze the groomet with those of teeny la tei. The bentre piece, however, was oue of the love est ever originated by tee Moral decorator. Upon 41 less of silver was a large plateau of beeauf ul and rare Lee-some, et inchos in &enamor ; riaing from this WWI another etatuiszd of Elver, with breeching arme t.r. in number, that supported a lovely batetet of dose From the centre of the, still &neuter support tee, crowned with a globe of the cboicers Meet, csamattions, and other dainty flowers. the globe eve': ell inches in diameter. From this, pareing langthwl, a to the end of the tattle, ware garlante of sneeze interwoven with room. &speedin g 7-etia ornamente. of the confectioner's devising. The tabie-cloth was &lea Irtuerd all ereuel the edge with smilax, tee whole being tee besuteu I and origitud design of Sentient, who personelle euperintended the aud the other lora' ieecsaretious. fia also natio the bride's and brideenuatik' boaquete. Ti whick completed tee toilet of tee bride wee of tt roses. tea-owes, end tesseseseeeeete eeteg from a Lcz of other choice Wrote bloettemsee a holder of satin &ea lace. The brideetured.e bouquets were smaller, L. bolder, however. being Cl aisvereaco per ovareet with silk fringe. After the collation was finished, the princes pettiest Irwin reeeraed their pesos lsefere the feeti window to receive those geese; who kad been lediee to the reception. It wee the- auspiciews momere -.a whieh to notice the bride's 00111.4arie at the CAI elegant toilettes. TES PEttet'S roneets was of imperil cremes blossom saute eat id keg.. weepttg irn. resedig etterely &runnel CIA vertt of the beset was s fluting of dote satin ateet 5 inches wide. 'Ines W3A 60133pietOd ey ao eveedise of telle, e netted wi:h a fit,tdr'S of exquetie p ites applique ei inches wide. The tulle was melee g iretude of orange bi-:seems in full beellieuces st, the back, the Lace aweepiug to the Unto ot Sias tree frcht It covered !eerie the whole arose was meet-I up gracefully at me ride, aud at the teem- wait tattooed by a bouquet of orange bloottoma. The cortast was pointod in front, aud a Noon potehet of deirity &tape in the beck. Five pliaLca edged it around the point, we folds in origieel desern trimmed the tee planets Lack. The whole wee comeleted with a nett tiounis point-lace abeut an eietath of a yard wide. Ti2.0 Alerts sentomette sieeves vrere trimmed with puffs told bee togs of tratin, with full routines of tuhe inanities and poiut-lace. Tho samebetutif el trimmenes fleetest tee neck, which eras rut heareelispea. Bauder; &ad garlulicie of rapes blowouts compteted it. toe: es whoic wee thrown the fell illuseen veal o: the knot f idling to the bem of her dries, both back and free The orange garlands thkt be!..1 it were grstiefieet sat ratigede aka the bride looned very tocautOttl. Tait 811 l3gDV3AtaID3 were all in airy dreeres of finest telete tarletan, ente with elaborate pullates and Valerie', melt meentee and each most t-laborete. Whim &lien comae-ea, toe lace tutees, comeleted them, while three of tee Wee oluaitherdAtwbreecItewoalre"bruernecItuwreereof cilkeeeeblciswwerfLeiwarSitituttle deposed on tee v&cious drieses, awl alt were greseetel and btatutdel. YEZ OTHERS. elre Judd wore Meet Bilk and velvet, tempted wik lace and diamond oneemeete &Ira. Gould, the mother of the bridegroom, twee b'&ck satin wee' point-lace overtirma, aud bitten reset, completed with diernond ornameete. ALM, MaciTesga was in a tight pearegray mek, a deep cereeteelored velvet coil-lege stud overdree Them" were singularly devil, there tett whole was IhAartTIAAedur-4-141svitht4crataelons ilitieVILstrPit le-T" buttons, bmtring the stamp of Consign manufacztee upon it. kehny lace compieted it al neck and eoevi 1, and diemond oreameute added to tee pulsates GS LAI eutire stiletto. Mrs. Eames wore a pele-green satin. with tebl er and cuiraese of jet embroidered tame Flower poetture a,nti diamond ornaments added to its elegeete. Mrs. Leiter wore a dress of white a1k, wieti fienece, overekert, teed rootage trimmings of the iinest Chtntill3r. A fell p&rure of pearls coin pletee her toietA Mrs. Judge Caton wore black vet-et, ale:peel -:e trimmed vtith black and white lame bbe had rote. ..a her coiffure and for garniture. with &mutate mew 'meats reehtlr. digerwiattethjiu47 lkdo::1elle:pliinerstortebolunylarg.trot:e e;tmojlitacedYlace.1"tvlax:eatfo,:wanerld Scammon wore a beautiful carriege-drese (este plena-colored LIk anti a bat trimmed to berlDereee. Mrs. Parsons was in a rich alim satun drega &reamed with point-Lett. Mrs. Potter Palmer wore a very light petrl eat trimmed with deep Cardinal-colored mite 1 floral apron was deeigued with rt.1160, !11 wore a complete parure of CO'. ler Fred. Grant wore a zEilitiV silk and 0 ma crepe &we with eiaborate point-lace trimmings, a na: tuented with blurt' row and mauve feather. Tee beadeirese corresponded ; her orremente IrtZe iA moods. Mrs. Honore wore Week met end vet et. trimmed with lace and jot, with cameo ornetnatitt hes In pearls. Mrs. MeConly, from Coler&do. times of brown silk, with a figared and striped co erdrew; of deep scam Chambery gauze, very daseeete ed tu style. liezerell wore a eonary-colored ak witb overdress and trimmings of catetry-aelored gauze, wee.-11 harmonized admirably vrith her rich cow:sextette Miss Mary Peck waa in a very styligh carriage-drill' ("1 light lavender aiik, the abler outlined vete a lie el jet friege, and a jetted lace rause A. wl chip bet, with summer blossome, completed the tete gent costume. Musa Chime wore black sek very leeelgemely made and trimmed web lace. Mrs. aerie! wore a levender silk trieunted with paintearplique A lady from Lake Forest wore pink aelle leant:daily trimmed with LIEVA. litra. &veld -no.. hi a carriace costume of dowp purPtt:; blue Ida, with Ciaseitilly shawl and trimmines. I eother bendembe costume was of !noel-blue, faced ir,d tnitithed with the paieet shade of blue. A garEtt4 s 0:Ira-Imre-dress in two shades wan ewe keedeeee- 1.". young wore some a theta beautifully &vest ee kept-Woe useation nould be made ot a pole-Lek OA dreg& wuk &a overdrew f4 Xteuali artetereetered sees

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  • Mary Mitchell Judd marries Seabury Smith Gould

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