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Maria Gotoubyova - of is out-net to of com-tensaton RUSSIAN GIRL,...
of is out-net to of com-tensaton RUSSIAN GIRL, FIRST TO SLAY FOE, IS WOUNDED Modcsi Heroine Tells of Battle in Which Women Fought, BY ARNO DOSCH FLEUROT. t Copyright : 1917: By Press Publishing Com-pany (New York World) . PETROGRAD, July 30. The story of the first girl in the woman's battalion who killed a German ha3 Just been given me by the heroino herself as she lay in the hospital, wounded. She is Mary Gotoubyova, an 18 year old high school student. . Mary is tall and graceful, with pretty "blue eyes, her blonde hair, now short, giving her the appearance of a handsome boy. Laughing at the wounds which caused her to be sent to the hospital, she showed her brilliant white teeth. Even the rough hospital nightgown could not conceal her well developed, beautiful figure. Dictating to me her tale, she constantly made girlish gestures. She hid her face in the pillow and blushed when I asked her if her admirers had objected j to her going to the front. She trifled with a locket and a little - bag at her neck. On asking, I learned the bag contained cyanide of potassium in case she was captured. In the battalion all carried the same. Heroine Tells Her Story. ' I am wounded they say. I call it mere scratches," she said, ' but it may keep me from the front several weeks after only two days' fighting. At any rate, I was in the front trenches and I got my German. I am feeling better already, and hope X go right back. I must go; my country needs me. That Is why I enlisted.' " I saw soldiers In Petrograd demanding not to be sent to the front, and I realized that the country needed every man and woman who was not a coward. Then the woman's battalion was formed and I Joined Immediately. I have never regretted it. I was never afraid, and I ask only the privilege to bear a gun against the enemy again. I must fill the place of men who will uot fight. Forgot She Was a Woman. " Going to war is not too much for a woman. I was always strong. Still, being a woman, I wondered if it would be too fatiguing. Once at the front, I forgot whether I was a man or a woman. I was Just a soldier. The only prepara tion I made against contact with the enemy was to wrap the upper portion of my body firmly. In the burning battle I was never hampered for an instant on account of my sex. The soldiers, the real brave soldiers, treated me like a comrade. Only the cowards Jeered. " We went into action a fortnight after our arrival at the front, under heavy German fire. Given the order to advance, we rushed out of our trenches. Killed a German. After the first attack X was at tached to a machine gun, carrying am munition to advanced position under the fire of hidden German machine, guns. We were advancing, and constantly in danger of capture by the Germans. On one trip over newly captured ground saw what I considered a wounded German officer lying on the ground. I when to . help him with my gun in my right hand and the machine gun am munition in my left. " Seeing me, he Jumped to his knees and pulled' out his revolver, but before he could shoot I dropped the ammuni tion and killed him. Heady to Die for Russia. " How did I feel on taking a human life? I had no sensation, except to rid my country of an enemy. There was no sentimentality. We were trying to kill them and they were trying to kill us that Is all. Any Russian girl or any American girl in the same position would ' have the same feeling. No, I do not feel that I did anything exceptional. Any well girl can do the same. " I never knew when I was hit. Shells were breaking everywhere. One got me. The next time one may really get me." As she finished dictating, the girl took her cap from a table beside the bed. put It on at a fetching angle, and gave a comic salute. Then suddenly overcome with blushes, she hid her face in the pillow. j a C&p-! on all the for of ing " of and of " harbor Btep hostile the is j I

Clipped from
  1. Chicago Tribune,
  2. 31 Jul 1917, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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