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 - Choicest Plays or the Chicago Crillegians Met...
Choicest Plays or the Chicago Crillegians Met in Strange Style by the Hooniers.. A Suspicion Out That Purdue l'Eneyr Prof. Stagg's SignalsThe Score 10 to 0 ...'Varsity More than Bolds Its Own at Cho End or the GameGeneral Football News. A strong presumption supporting the charge that Purdue knew Stagg's signals is offered for Chicago 'Varsity's defeat yesterday. Quarter Back Hering on several occasions changed signals before the ball was snapped -and in every instance did the Beloit men meet the PIO' as if with kriowledge beforehand. The contest, however, was fought with intense interest and was the best exhibition of football seen on the 'Varsity grounds this season. As in the Iowa game, tackle and mass plays were the rule. Buschman, Moore, and Smith carried off the honors for the visitors, while Ewing, Flit, and Allen and Gale bore off the palm for Chicago. By means of a kind of flying interference the Purdue halves were used to good effect. But the eubstantial and reliable gains acre made on tackle play. Coach Balliet's didactics were palpably seen throughout the game and Purdue's ten points were won on hard systematic work quite barren of star runs and accidental brilliancies. The gains duriog the first half were made mostly on center plays, while Purdue's second goal was earned by the persistent punctures of Chico,- ' gd's line by Buschman and Moore and thedespeseta rushes of Smith, Alward, and Fulkeison. 'Varsity Makes Some Costly Blunder.. Only once did Purdue lose the ball within anxious distance of Ch,cago's posts, while the 7Slaroons repeatedly lost on downs and fumbles near the liousiers' goal, in several instances. however, eaving themselves by passing to Full Backs Nichols and Gale for punts. Just what the 'varsity's chances are for !tic: cess in the Thanksgiving game with Michigan is a matter of considerable speculation. Should the balance of the team keep pace with Gale. Flint, and Ewing, Chicago has no refegon to feel blue. The teams lined up as follows Vartit Poodtions. Purdue. lariat tett Pr.(i Marshall. Mack ........ Left tackle Lulikoettor I eft guard kirelievat lint Center In.bertstnnAllen tin.fht guard Fulger4on. LIglit tackle Alward. .aniny ltlitlit end .. . . McHenry. jIeriI Quarter back tierner Iowa I tt half Ntoorm. half Buschman. tiaie JiLLbaeI Bruen. Score-10-0. TouchdownsBuschman (2). Ewing. tioalsFulkerson, Gale. Time of lisives--5 minutes. Umpire-4 kali(' of Amherst. RefereeAlward, C. A. A. Linesmanllalliet, Princeton. Allen kieked off and Buschman advanced twenty yards, tut the ball went to Chicago on four downs. Purdue retaliated by smashing the 'varsity line and regaining the ball on downs. A fumble returned the ball to Chicago. Chicago experimented with the "Pennsylvania play " and mass plays and by firing Gale through the line advanced the ball weli into the Hoosiers' territory. 3.;ichols and Allen varied the allegro movement by resting tints and sending Nichols and Allen througn the Purdue guards and tackles within ten yards of the Indiana goal. Here the Maroons lost on downs, end the Hoosiers, by persistent battery of the 'varsity line and flying interference, rushed the ball the entire length of the field without once losing on downs. Bushman was credited with a touchdown and Bulkerson easily kicked goal. Time was called with the ball in the middle of the field. Chicago Scores, but So Does Purdue. It was with a flourish that Chicago began the second half, only a few minutes being required for Ewing to cross the Purdue goal. Purdue kicked off and Roby advanced ten yards. Gale, Allen, and Ewing stormed the Hoosier line like siege guns and carried everything before them, Ewing capping the climax with two brilliant runs of twenty-tive and fifteen yards each. It was surprising how Chicago lost spirit in the next line-up. After rushing the ball to within ten yards of the goal the Hoosiers were again permitted to make a return trip and through the magnificent work of Smith and the Purdue haives scored their second touchdown seven minutes before the half ended, Bushman carrying the ball over the line. No goal. In the remaining minutes a comedy of errors was presented in which the 'Varsity pleyed a prominent rOle. the gam e ending with the oval in the middle of the field. Score: 10-6. Capt. Allen announced last night that hereafter the 'Varsity men will exclude all sight-Seers from the Marshall Field practice games. i STAGG'S MEN BEATEN. TITEDUE LAYE! l'iltSITY LOW IN A GAME Or SHARP INTEREST. a of 'I Bill

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  1. Chicago Tribune,
  2. 04 Nov 1894, Sun,
  3. Page 5

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