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19150610 Chicago Tribune - , SUDS LOSE, 4-3, 111111TH ROM PHILS El LEAD...
, SUDS LOSE, 4-3, 111111TH ROM PHILS El LEAD Qugkors RegainTop Perch ty Bunching Two Sin-gin and Sacrifice. i BY I. E. SANBORN. 1 Tor eleven innings yesterday Cube and . iIirtIlles fought a wpirlwind battle for: ve ;Ile boor of leading the National league ; . led at its termination the tribe of Moran' ,-19 on top. with the Bresnahans still I con. Score, 4 to 3. After looking like new putty in The -ands of Alexander the Great for seven lags. the Cubs suddenly attacked the 'duteous elabman so viciously fn the -!ghth and ninth that they evened up the tree runs which the Phi Hies had corn-:died with great Industry against Larry leney. In doing this Manager Breana an 'injected NI. Larry Into the scrap in h'e egtth and the undertaker delivered in exceedingly timely blow. .. Winning Run Off Zabel. Zabel finished the game against the 3rtat Alexander and battled him on even :elms until a combination of two hits 0 ind a sacrifice fly earned the visitors a ut:iy In the eleventh. Back came the (Nlis with fire In their eyes in their half, ad, with the all of a skull play by Byrne. 'reseed so hard that It required a star. :r.; double play by Nt-dhoff to repulse 21e m aril squelch what looked like a cerain Cub victory. Runners were on third and first with rily one out and one run neened to knot he count again in that last half. Bres Alex Hurls Great Ball. Alexander pitched a sensational game :at seven frningst. in six of which he held t rbs hitless EtS well as runless. le eemed to have perfect control of a sharp -1akhig curve. ami there tt- as a hop on !s fast bail that was almoSt uncanny. .:Inetltz,s It fooled even Killifer. The v!sitng flingcr kept feed!ng the 3resnahans this combination anywhere ::epleas,d. between the belt and the knee, Tr g;ving them a high ball to swing t. Th ,? result wae nothing that even 'eked like a base hit until the sixth in-. ln that round Goed hit olif, squarely 'or the first time. but Bancroft made a ensaticnal catch of this liter. Not until Tve were g,:.ne ,ri the sevc-nth did the Cubs ..t.t a safety of!! AlExander. then Zimmer--Lan pasted a " cripple " for two bases he7plf.g the score any. - Becker's Double Nets Tally. I ("r.ey all this time had been pitching 1 ' 1 rerling game against his brilliant op--anent. A toese chuck in the third are zed 'he button on Byrne's eap and let Bob 1 elk. Boeker followed it with a double -I left scoeng Byree, and made third ernseif en the throw home. Cravathis t let Becker reg'ster the second tally. rriples by Byrne and Becker made an-Tarr run In the fifth. and that was all lifneY allowed. , pre' nahan led the rally which sn o early :Pet Alexander the Great in the eighth. Me mnager singled to center with one -'lt- l'h''Ion re peed and MeLarry was eat to bat fi-r Cheney. Polly depesited a Texas leaguer safly in left, putting Bres:aban on seceed. Good responded with t altgle to rieht. scoring the ma nagtIr ::d breaking the spell. Ffsher worked a i 'es out et A.!ex tiling the let ses. Schulte -, 'Intel a single to right. ecoring- Mc- arry, but Cravath held Geed on third. "'be Great Zim NA ft!..' next, and great 'Nev., he expfetatione of the rooters,: But a . allArl strite stetted Zim beefing at Umo ',!ern After Iii i SS ng a curve which halved he Vote. Zirrony etruek out reaching fur 'lle I. f.x.t oute;(le the -platter. Saler Opens with Double. Saler opened the home half of the ninth -tith a doub:e past Ludeus. and reached 'heti while Alexander was tossing 4)ut l'illisme. rir4 :-nehart singled to center, -0:'rIng Saler with the tying tally. Phan forced Reger and Zabel rolled out. Ilecker, who alr(Sdy had spanked out a l''Ple and a double. led off in the eleventh 'tell a single to center, and by great l'rillting sneeked to third en Cravattea ingle to left. Niebeff lofted a fly to right Ind Becker raeed home safely ahead of '..i'c'I's peg with the winning tally. tu,Jerus also skied. Then Cravath was 'raPeed off second for the third out. Z4nnierman atoned for his previous tiller by oPen:ng the last half with a sin-'!'-'. Saler pepped cut. but Zimmy etole -ere,nd in an attempted hlt and run play , eita Williams. Lanky Cy then poked a I e;roureter to Byrne, who hesitated to see f he could not get Zimmerman on the . Y to third, then found it was teo late '-. beat Williams to firs,t. eo held the Pill. Beesnahan picked out one he liked and eaked it se ua rely, but it traveled etra!ght eto Nlehetre surprised mitts for a cruel -:'--uble play. Seere: e C'HICAGO. ----, e.., 1 AB li MI TB BB S ft L;Fl 1'0 A I:. ;11.er,ttff 4, 1, Z 4 ' ' ? g 3 I . g -Ibite. 'Ir.. 1 0 11 1 1 0 2 0 0 !tmrnal, 21): s 0, 0 ., 3 0 o o i 2 0 'OM lb .... 4 1 c o 0 0 0 8 2 1 V:Marng ei. 3 0 1 1 0 o 1 6 0 9 ' -1"-11biban, . 2 2 0 0 0 i. -I 4) -,-ce.at. 3b... 4 ik 0 0 0 0 0 li 0 0 :t'--;,'Y P-- 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 4 U -"-.11 ..... 1 0 0 0 0 A 0 1 " " 1'11177 - 1 i 1 1 0 0 0 0 ---.1744113 . .41 3 9 11 2 0 1 38 11 0 liel-firribatt-f41 fo-r-dier-7;-Y in el-Shill ...s.. R 111 LA D ELP111.A. AR R BHTB-13-,H-------------SH PO A 11 - -. es. 5 0 1 1 ü 0 0 2 3 - 0 '.....,'..-k-;,;2b,; 4 2 2 4 0 0 0 0 8 0 --",15 2 86000 1 00 7lh'n,rathjf 5 0 2 2 0 0 0 5 0 0 tl''.40000 1 04 4 0 itt9t "Is' lb- 3 0 2 20001200 vi!"r a... 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 fi,rc...4000000 800 '9"n(iel P. 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 -- ,-:ret, Co -.40 4 10 15 0 1 - 0 83 12 0 '.,1414.1Pb16-1:-.-- 0-0-2-0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1-4 r-tia"00000002 1 00-3 I r: 1):A .q se. hits-FRIcker, Zinunertnan. Saier- t,1 d -v Lits-Byrne. Pecker. 2:truck out-- .. 11, tr; S4 tmg. S : bY A,exander, 7. ..: -.0r-.- - 1-, la) -Niel,..ft- Lugifiron. Hits-Off , ,,';-Y? la iti 8 tnnitins. Hit by ;Atelier-By ,iiii.,) .1:t Yr ,,?. Pkiticci ball-Firesna bail. TAIiiiii ;1 ' ,,I2Wiree-lilem aud Emelt, you out It was I Ihan, who had staved off defeat with 0 !eau sIngle In the ninth. came up in th!si l i his Itirnate pinch and slapped one aquarelyt from n the nose towar,1 right field. It looked I ke a sure enough hit, but Nelhoff west 1 1-.,aeuftzt !ght in Its path and pinched the drivel 5. itt. ill li& pu i 11 a ITU pinenea tne tirive 1 uroly Williams who wa.3 , was on first' I 1,e, was an easy vti-tim tor a double k ill- ' :It and the play was so unedtpected that lx11 tho t It or several it iS tants b e fore the situ Ito .and of rooters realized it was all over. I and by in of a 1 , sE 4.3 I Routille I ,111 11' LEAD InTop Perch , TWO Sin" 1 11 lacrificel tdenly attacked ..--...., . NBORN. resterday Cubs and 1 lirlwind battle for; he Nationall league; the tribe of Moran 1 ' , Bresnahans still! 3. new putty in The he Great for seven the o viciously In the they evened up the t ! ales had coin- stry against Larry M Ls Blanager Bresna- y Into the scrap in Idertaker delivered blow. . I 11 I ' ' 1 I -..s, i ,..,.1. I 1 1 I I --' I-- A, I ; 1 : V 1 A. I '' 1 1 i ': I' ! ' - f , 'Al A,. AP A

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