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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • 6

Chicago Tribunei
Chicago, Illinois
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i i 1-J I i'AKT 1 PAGE CHICAGO DAILY TKIBUKE: TTIUttSDAY, JUNE 23. 11)60 0 Status of Satellites iffiM 111! Washington, June 22 (ITD-Status of United States and Russian satellites: 1 3 STATUS Down in 1958 Down April 14, 1958 In orbit In orbit' Down June 28, 1958 Down April 6, 1960 Down Oct 3, 1959 Down Jan. 21, 1959 In solar orbit In orbit Down in March, '59 In solar orbit Down April 26, '59 In orbit' In orbit Down Oct. 20, 1959 Hit Moon In orbit Down in April, 1960 In orbit Down Nov. 26, 1959 Down in March, '60 In solar orbit In orbit In orbit Down April 26, "60 In orbit In orbit In orbit DESIG.

NATION Sputnik I Sputnik II Explorer I S. Vanguard Explorer III S. Sputnik HI Explorer IV S. Atlas U. S.

Lunik I Russia Vanguard II S. Discoverer I S. Pioneer IV U.S. Discoverer II S. Explorer VI S.

Discoverer S. Discoverer VI S. Lunik II Russia Vanguard III S. Lunik lU Russia Explorer VII S. Discoverer Vn U.

S. Discoverer VIII U. S. Pioneer S. Tiros I tU.

Si Transit I-B U. Si Discoverer XI S. Sputnik IV Midas II U. S. Transit II-A S.

LAUNCHED Oct. 4, 1957 Nov. 3, 1957 31, 1958 March 17, 1958 March 26, 1958 May 15, 1958 July 26, 1958 Dec. 18, 1958 Jai.2, 1959 Feb. 17, 1959 Feb.

23, 1959 March 3, 1959 April 13, 1959 Aug. 7, 1959 Aug. 13, 1959 Aug. 19, 1959 Sept. 12, 1959 Sept.

18, 1959 Oct. 4, 1959 Oct 13, 1959 Nov. 7, 1959 Nov. 20, 1959 March 11, 19B0 April 1, 1960 April 13, 1960 April 15, 1960 May 15, 1960 May 24, 1960 June 22, 1960 FIRE POLARIS, ATLAS; BOTH SUCCESSFUL U. S.

Missile Program Stepped Up Continued from first page curacy in all weather and without surfacing. The 42 pound radiation satellite, an aluminum sphere 20 inches across, rode clamped to the 232 pound navigation vehicle, a sphere 36 inches in diameter. They separated automatically wen they went into smaller one traveling ahead. "Very gradually, the gap between them widened and the radiation satellite moved into a slightly larger path. Second in Orbit After precise calculations, officials said the orbit ranges from an outermost limit of 563 miles to within 460 miles of earth.

They figured each swing around the earth takes 101V2 minutes. The course was slightly off advance planning but officials dismissed this variation as unimportant. The navigation satellite named Transit II-A is the second such research vehicle to go up. It is an advanced model of the Transit I-B which was placed in orbit last April 13. The navy said experiments with the first Transit satellite show that navigators taking bearings by radio could calculate their positions within a quarter of a mile.

The aim is to shave the ac- I NOW! THE TIRE THAT DOESN'T GET TIRED! U.S. ROYAL "LOW PROFILE" TIRES increase the effectiveness of Polaris missile submarines, now entering the combat fleet. Such submarines could stay submerged where they would be safer from attack and still sight on the nearest navigation satellite by pushing a radio antenna above surface. Test Rocket Explodes curacy to within one-tenth of a mile. Under the present star sighting method of navigating, it is possible to fix a craft's position within a half mile to a mile.

Dr. Richard B. Kershner, director of the Transit program, said success with Transit II-A would assure meeting ot i jryW (cy Washington, June 22 Uf) 4.7&-T5 Tubad Type Eteclcwo'i EASY TERMS Too much flexing wears out people and tires. The new ProfiU" tire shape flexes less, reduces heat build-up increases An experimental firing of a Nike-Zeus anti-missile rocket from an underground launching site at White Sands, N. failed Wednesday when the missile blew up in its hole.

There were no injuries to the crew, the army said. the schedule for an operating (system of four navigation satellites in orbit in 1962. Altho the navigation satellites will be of help to surface craft and airplanes, defense officials are particularly anxious to get them operating to "low Profit" It United States Rubber Company's trode-war for its lower, wider thopm tire. tii ear host ads oreo't written, they're wera ALL STORES OPEN MON. THURS.

NIGHTS ALL STORES OPEN MON. ft THURS. NIGHTS NEIGHIORHOOO STORES OPEN Mm jo) n-Rixon complete stores for men :5 ncivniunnuuu STORES OPEN I FRIDAY NIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT U.S. ROYAL Get the tire with the dual chain-drive tread for positive traction plus NO WAITING'. FOR ALTERATIONS 1 I lt) )m I quick-stop action.

Nov made with TYREX for 4.73-TS Tubed Ty Slackwal super strength plus longer wear. Get a set of 4 at these new reduced prices. on our PRE-GUFFED ready-to-wear AUTOMATIC WASH "WEAR jr00i urn FOR $29.90 Tyrex Is a collech'vt trod-mark of Tyrax, Inc. I U.S. ROYAL EC SLAC 1 fl mY jJ Lbv2Liv it in Hugger-Tab and Self -Belter models I I.

.595 a A New reduced prices on U.S. ROYAL NYLON tires moke it easy for you to equip with NYLON. AIIU.S. ROYAL NYLON tires are Pressure Tempered, an exclusive process that gives NYLON unitized strength. Get a set of 4 Tubed Type BiaetwaH WHmwALi 2 FOX $43 OH I WAIST SIZES, 28-42 INSEAM LENGTHS, 28-34 I il II THese trimly tailored beauties are i I 1 the i '1 today at reduced prices.

TUBElfSS FOft J7 '58 '63 Cars tttv. Ded9 Ford Pfymouffi Rembftr TSt) greatest Summer wardrobe "stretchers" ever ASy TERMS S32i 2 2990 1, 2 J370B 1 I i invented! Wear them for, and with, all casual wear. Cool, crisp to wear and they'll stand many trips to the washer. Here are Chi-cagolandV TOP slacks with the look and feel of the fine, custom-featured slacks they are. What's more, we guarantee them ABSOLUTELY! U.S.

ROYAL Fleeflvay 1 i oJO-U Mr ten i 4 tTMi rWe 17L CLJJ CX HDHHS NOT ONI CENT MORI! U.S. toyal Fieetway tir.i at prices aro truly a bargain bocoust of their exceptional quality. Engineered to deliver longer, lowKOst' mileage in ell typo, of highwy -rvic. HUGGER-TAB STYLE Tab adjustment, waist grlppers, single pleat COLORS: brown, charcoal and black in REGULARS 28-42. trri for tfi ill tMtt Avertable SELF-BELTER STYLE Separate It 1 1 1 self-belt, French-fly front, double COLORS: blue, brown, gray and charcoal in REGULARS 28-50.

WEST SUBURBS Trtloar Trick i Car Kintal It. S2, Municipal Airparf Jeliat JOLat S-22II I Intro Tin Co. 2S3 W. Uka St. Elmhant Imsrlem Tiro Btstribittrt If J0 N.

Cicra Ava. NAHoaal 2US0 SOUTH IPs Tin Salts Sipply Co. 1104 S. OH.aa ftrava HUdie Tf 2444f Erkirt Bros, Inc. 0127 Sartti Caicai SAeiaaw I-440f Sorlia Tirt Co.

1400 S. MieMqaa Ara. Wlkwtar Woilwtrih Tin Sirvici 11024 S. WAt.rfal t-1121 COME IN! WRITE IN! or PHONE HA 7-6500 NORTH Aceirat Tirt Co. 1235 N.

Wt.ra Ava. LAk.i S-2111 Amiricaa Tin DIsfribitori SI0I W. Irvine firk M. MUlbcrry S-W29 Erkirt Brs, Int. 344 1 N.

Hilst.d St. 1-4040 Royal Tire Cs. 43U W. AddlwH SI. Prill a 7-7100 Western Tiro Sipply iUt N.

Wattara Aa. SH.Idr.ka Mill CalHRtt Tin Sirvici 171.71 Souta Oicaea SAqiaaw 14212 BENSON-RIXOH C0D.f 230 S. STATE ST, CHICAGO 4, ILL 2Se EXTRA Picas trad mp Slack S9.TS HU4I-TA SILMILT COLOt WAIST Sill INSIAM Chicago Tin Sipply 2780 S. Micniqan Aa. CAIumat S-S303 NORTH SUBURBS Doortlold Oil Co.

7 WauUfM Id. MeGowat'Si Inc. 14 Chicaqo A. Eaatte 61 S-S400 McSowan'St Inc. fISO Waukaaaa Mortoa Groa YOrkio-a S440 Karrisoi Sirvieo Station 2301 Sharidaa Id.

Zlaa, ItL TKinity 2-T24 INDIANA Cihtii Tirt Silts 121 Ckicaoe Ava. at Kaaaady Eait Chicaea, lad. EXport 7-041 Hoositr Tiro Mart 421 E. St Ava. 6anr.

laU TUmar S-0S71 Univonal Tin SippHis, lie I48 Summar St. Hifiwiwi, lad. WE 14445 IA 1-1414 I I Chick Ins. 14 E. 7th St.

Vlacannat 4-5SSJ SOUTH SUBURBS Assteiatoi Tin 1 Sipply SI luraaara Aat Calumat City TO 2-4401 Tin Salts Corp. M43 S. Kadtia Evarqraaa Fars HI is I i4 WEST W. J. Cisiidy Tin Aut Supply C.

W. Koetavalt Id. CAmI NAME In science's miracle fibers 55 Dacron polyester 45 rayon for wash wear perfection and lasting press retention Erkirt Bros, Inc. 4007 S. Wabash Aa.

lOultvartf I-1 141 ADDRESS city zone T-I-IS ritllavh rttidtitt pltmf 944 3Vif Occpf ioo Taxi Chock aacloMd Chora, t. my accaaat OC.O.D. (2S arh-al fcli''-i'" 'ur 'Jlu 'ai' uv SP'' isa 'gtr I3QI Milwauke I 4824 Broadway Oak Park 4046 H. 230 S. STATE Rotalaad Woedmor Old Orchard -I Lak Maadaws.

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