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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • 4

Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois • 4

Chicago Tribunei
Chicago, Illinois
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DRY DODOS. Grand Opening Last Evening by Field, Letter Co. Formal Occupancy of Potter New Startle Palace. A Dazzling Assemblage of Wealth, Beauty and Fashion. lie Gi cat Fashionable Even! of the Season Ciographlcal Sketches of Messrs.

Palmer, Field and Letter. -iption of tlo Store ana tin Finest Building in America. An Immense Affair- 'i tu- formlopenlnsby Field, Letter Pr.lmei's new matblc palace, ou the Washington and State streets, last evening, was grandest affair ol the kind which ver transpired, even in Chicago, the city of grand aflairs. The public was informed some lime since, through the columns of iue Triccse. ft he fact that the premise? fo long ihc cynosure of admiring native and foreign, bad been rented to the popular proprietors of the largest and most fashionable dry goods the city; and the fliu have been all agog with anticipation of the time whet the wide portals of the retail department should be thrown open, and an opportunity aforded or a gorgeous revel in the mazes of inextricable finery.

The attendance of wealth, beauty and fashion which assembled last evening to take the benefit of the grand opening was something unparalleled in Chicago's history, and the event was one long to be remembered. One woall have thought that the opening last night was an adjourned meeting of the the long line of carriages, filled with the cream of the avenues. The attractions were dry goods store in a in a new dress at that. Enough turn almost any female head. It was the first ut a of grand affairs destined to transpire it.

the course of Chicago's progress, and, as the inauguration of an era, deserves especial notice. POTTER PALMEK. indispensable, tn connection with the u-moval the wealthiest Srm of Chicago into the finest business palace in America, that some -ion should be made to life and of the owner and proprietor of this gorgeous adornment to Chicago's architectural Potter Palmer ha- 1 unquestionably done more than Miiy other cltiren of Chictgo, not tobuiU up its trade, but also in the erection of substantial improvements and in the projection ol liberal plane for the permanent benefit of the city. 2e is calk'd the of project lor widenin': street, which originated with him. and from bin received unremitting encoarajrracnt and support, lie would make State street the of Chicago, not less by the widec- process, than by the character of the stract un-f he would have it contain; and of bis iuten; ion- in this direction ample proof has already been atToidcd.

The bulk of bis Chicago rial estate is located on this street, covering a frontage over thrce-Quancrs of a mile io length. This uropertv was purchased by him about two years iii-y, at a cost of upwards of ar, d. at a mr-crate valuation, now worth nearly twice mat rum. hat its value will be twenty years v.culo, at Chicago's present rale of progress, can nrrdy be estimated. better idea ofhis jmsi.

ion relative to contemplated improvements can gained than by a recent conversation with a fnend. in the course of which Mr. Palmer re-larked that the building of the marble palace bad given him great pleasure, not merely from profitableness of the investment, but in the -ati-fuclioa of having coatribikcd this structure toward thesidornmeat ol a city in which had been the scene of Lis prosperity; and he isirther remarked that his ambition for the improvement of Chicago was not yet gratiled, but he should continue to hulld and ornament the intending -oon to construct a hotel which -hall bear Uis name, and shall, to say lUc least. be inferior to any on the cm inent PEBsONN-L AND Jo personal nppearaoci -oUTi'dlmer ji', precisely what be is, a successful bu-ines? whose battle with the world ha? the scars of added seriousness. and but little else, to indicate that the struggle worn upon him.

In height stands fall sis feet, slender and erect; in mre, about forty years; and, the slight sprinkling of in his beard, looks not a day older; hair lirown and curly; wide and full. with indications of non. orudcnce and sagacity folly developed: eyes a hazel hue which imparts a pleasant cast to iLc otherwise serious conntcnance: nose shaped and regular, though not nudnlv prominent the lips and chin a study, a puzzling combination of sternness, strength oi purpose and n-Eneroent. together with an appreciation of the good things i creation. The latter, however, is by no means a leidmg trait, for there can be seen on his well-preserved no traces of aught but temperate and judicioup moderation Looking at the -jure, elegant figure of Potter Palm one would nut he apt at once to recognize one of the most Micccssfu! business men of the age.

for he is voting yvt, and lacks the f'lihonpolnt and comnh rubicund aspect which characterize the millionaire; hot, taking bis features in clotai there is no inconsistency, nothing to contradict hit character as it is. BOW HE SPLKOS Hi? TIME. Posprs-cd of a vast fortune, and personally oct upicd in supeivUing the ccipi ymeut thereof in Improvements, Potter Palmer's habits would naturally be thought to be almost exclupi-cly i-nt this is by no means ihe case. How to manafc millions and find time irr the ordinnrv pleasure- oj mortals, would mort men. Perhaps it puzzles Potter Palmer: whether it does or not.

be ccr.ainly fl'dstimc. Bachelor thoul- he is. It does not follow that he xdndes Ihe -orutv of ladies. On the Jntrary, the fair ones claim a reasonable share of hlsat- tention at the opera. the drawing-room, and on public occasion- in general.

Why he remains tingle, save no one cun tell, uuiessto surmise that iui him) more absorbing have prevented his ertcringthc blessed stale, lie is friendly and aflitble in sucicty; sententious laconic in business. Delight in horseflesh is noticeable trait, and he turns out the most rlaj-hlng four-in-hand in city, ou frequent occasions managing reins bltn-clf, and evidently eniovingibe fport augely. Be is a liberal of'the turf, and puts in a frequent aopearance at the Uoxtcr Tark races. -Itbough cn rivaling bat few intimate iriends. he is known among these a- a valuable companion nod g-ncrotw friend, lie is an incessant worker, amt hts prominent charr.ctrristio-mat be summed np as indastrv, great foresight undmdunutuble energy, in liberality toward public nPd private charmcs he is no as the quadruple figure opposite hia name on many subscription list will show.

BA- XT B.BTORT. Toiler Palmer If a native of Albany York. parents were Quakers, duct and uncompromising, and the little farm they tilled was made, by close ccoHomy and prudent management, to viefd its ms- imnm of support to the lamilvaiTd profit at the end oftae year. Of the bov. Potter's vicissitudes in planting com, hoeing potatoes, etc we know bat little suffice It that tile and only longing? were to become a merchant.

and at tne age of eighteen he obtained the consent of Friend Palmer to exchange the pitchfork for the yardstick, and accepted a citnation at Durham, Greene fonptf, as a clerk In the employ of Hon. Piatt Adams, with whom he remained for three years, developing bitch a degree of business tact and sagacity, that, the last venrofuis connection with Mr. Adams, he was vested with the entire charge of the of the store. At the age of twenty one he had succeeded in scraping together three thousand dollars, which was the nucleus of his subsequent rccuoiulationF. With this sum splits capital be rntcred business for himself at Oneida, where he remained (or a time, and then proceeded to Lockport, from whence, after having operated on his own account lor three years.

HC CASE TO CHICAGO. aching this point in 1852, with a capital of sri.ift' in gold and bank notes, constituting hia entire possession. After looking about for a time, he opened a retail cry goods store at the building No. TJ7 Late street, where bis busi through ibe growth of the city and his own skill and capability. In 1357 be removed into the store adjoining, remaining there until bought out, when be transferred nowlarge and rapidly Increasing bu-ineFS.

meantime having added a wholesale department, to Nos. 112,114 and 11C Lake street, the just vacated by hia successors. Field, LelterA Here, with Increased room and added rapidly Increased until, within twelve jears after beginning here with a capital of 5,000. the energy, perseverance and fair dealing of Potter Palmer bid male his the largest dry goods bouse in Chicago. rOTTEIt PAIJCBH AND THE WAR.

of the war of the rebellion found him possessed of an immense stock in trade, and hi? consummate judgment foresaw the inevitable result of the enormous rise In of goods of every description VVtth nnlimited credit at the East, and controlling, besides, avast amount of ready capital, he at 'ouce set about nnkine ttc must of the situation In connection with his business here. Mr. Palmer operated largely in York, purchasing almost fabulous hills of goods. and in many cases realizing enormous profits without removing the consignments from the custodv of their former owners. Not In the of -Vr.

Palmer, wc arc ua- particolarlre transactions; wc only know that mamlr through these nm(firmly sulcctslul business in New York and Chicago, his vast fortune has been acf-nired, fbok business. InlWli Potter Palmer retired from business, fcclllnc out bis stock to Messrs. Field. Letter and others, and only retaining a special interest in the business through bis brother, Milton J. Palmer, whom be ln.Lalk-d as a partner.

Upon leaving the dry goods trade he at once invested hcanly In Chicago teal estate: la fact, he had done more or less, during bis farcer in this city, plaii.V ing the rlze and importance which was detuned to attain. Potter Palmer's career has been a truly.remarkable one. in Hie at the age of twoaty-oae. with lint three thousand doPars of this the resnll of unwearying Industry and careful L-onomv- be to-day beyond question the tC of a larger fortune than is owned nr any nriicf his age In Am ricaas the icsnlt of rtViiul entstavors. LKITEUi CO.

fm of Field. U'lteri 0., is compn-cd of ill Held. L.Z. Lclnr. Henry Field.

U. J. ilVu" and L. G. oodhouse, the iwn Cral named the active, managing menbe-s, and ether three bolding a wotklng Interest by reason rf ion-connection with the Arm as employes.

M-e business history of Messrs H-ld and Letter CM of pernlisr interest, as showing how, from and through various ihVfcnnbasattaine: to its present position of walthand strength. We shall not enter Into detail? concerning the life ricrn drv goods princes, further than to briefly them until they became connected pan- after which they must he mentioned Jointly. BIOISKtKOS. Marshall Field was bom iu Conway, Mass in the of IXi 3, and Mr. Letter In Letterburg, Washington ountv, in the fall of their ages varying but slightly, and both being still in ibe prime of life.

The parents of both were tn moderate cln umstances, and both served as dry goods clerks tfr. Letter came to bicago In the fall of lb VI, and entered the dry goods house cf A Van Wyck as a clerk, and. after remaining with them something over a vrur. in the spring of IBS') went with Cooley, Co. lie remained in this house through various changes and stages of ment until 1801.

when the firm was changed to Farwull. Field Mr. Letter becoming a pinner. Mr. Field reached Chicago In January, 1951, and at once obtained a clerkship with Cooley.

Wadsworth where hit future partner was rlready installed as a clerk, and where. In 13ftI. tbe latter become a oartner In the Mr. Field having been the first to obtain an Interest to the Gnu. From this time forth their individuality ceases, as a firm their fortunes became Joined.

For nearer a year they devoted their energies to the work. Adding vigor and system to their business, which increased and prospered in consequence. Cn tbe 31st of December, 1861, Messrs. Field Letter sold out their Interest In, and withdrew Item, the firm ot Parwell, Field Jt Co. and immediately nought the stock of goods held by Potter Palmer, taking in his brother, M.

J. Palmer, as a pv lncr, under the firm name of Field. Turner 5 M. J. Palmer retired, and, adding tnclr falthfm and valued employee cor icid, tiling and Woodhouwi the firm name became what it now is.

Field, Letter A -o. CR rnoant-irr. Sobaeouentto 1565, the hlslory of the Arm has bten ODv of advancement and prosperity acldoat in legitimate ThMronly reverve was during the first fourmonthp after parxhasmg the immense stock of Potter i'almer. Yb- war drew steadily to a clf'sc from January, to April, and prices of dry tumbled down, i ovrr, down, bringing In their train the rota of hundreds of wealthy firms all over the country. Within the period of four months.

Field, Palmer A Letter goffered a of nearly three hundred thousand dollars, solely from deprccl tlun In mine. The blow staggered liut did not floor them. With that consummate ami Judgment tor which they live national reputation, the hrm at once settled upon Us plan ol action, and ac'ion was precisely wh.t they settled npon. No effort was spared push their business forward and turn into money their depreciated stock, con-lantly purchasing more, until, as they had rightly predicted, the return of the arntv to private life.wflics in pocket, so stimulated business throughout the entire North, that, at the close of 1 Wi. Field, Palmer A Letter had col only fought off the threatened rnin, but had also realized a handsome profit for the year, and now stood upon an Impregnable basis, with cresit unimpaired, and a greater trade than ever before.

From that time forth the firm has enjoyed uninterrupted prosperity, until today the dry goods house of Feld, Lcher Co. stands third in the United States, the hou-cs of Clufliu ana Stewart, of New York, being the only cues who outrank them in the volume of business transjcted. ihc sales ofPicld. Loiter A for JSCt. amounted to those of ISC3 will reach, round numbers, total, for four of upwards of TUB IHJILDiNO.

This imposing structure. Hit interior of which is If, (urt described in detail, in connection with hensrs to which it is be applied, deserves even a (niter description than our space of giving, though It would seem almost uuncccssaiy to say much of a building, which, owing to its central, commanding position, has been already seen and admired by so many Chicagoans and strangers from abroad. 'J he ground owned by Poller the cornerot State and Washington streets, lias frontage of one hundred and sixty feel on the former, and one hundred and fifty'ou the latter thoroughfare. On this land two stores arc be erected, one of which has Juft dcfu commenced, and which occupies one hundred feel of the frontage on State street. he second, third, fourth amfefth stories arc con- slrcctcd of white marble brought from the celebrated quarries at Cawiun.

Connecticut, and casting 'ibefionlsof the first storv arc Corinthian columns, silicon inches In diameter, 'ihe fronts are decorated with six marble balconies, each one twenty-six feet in length, nod with eight cicbteen feet long, supported on decorated consols with t-aiuetradcs of a very elaborate pattern. building Is surmounted with a noble Mansard roof, seventeen feet high, and which combines with modern convenience many of the decorative attractions of ancient detail. The height of the basement is fifteen feet; first story. dghietn; second story, fifteen and a half: third story, fourteen and two-lhlrde; fourth story. tHirteen and a third; filth story, twelve and two-thirds, mating with the roof a total elevation of one hundred end six feet and two inches.

The balconies, which have been nrevicuOy mentioned, in addtiontothflr value as ornaments, cart a shadow upon the deeply recessed windows below. They arc recessed two feet, and are relieved by pilasters. 'ihc windows arc of olate glass, sit feet wide, and fourteen feet ami nine inches high The entire ot the structure. Including certain fixtures in the inner arrangement, has been nearly thtcc hundred thousand dolia a. Tul T.NTEUI AtmaNGEMESTS.

any people have amused themselves, during recent years, in attempting to guess at the causes ot the prosperity of Chicago, and trying to get at the reasons for her gain in commerce and in population- They have ascribed this derelopmct constant pairing, ana to a dozen other things. But it Is very rarely that ctcdit 13 given to one or the greatest of her advancement, and that the merchants the enterprising business men of this city, receive the credit which la due them for their devotion to the Interests of Chicago, and for ihflr correct appreciation of the way Jn which these interests were to he furthered and nursed into aLcalthy growth. It is owing to them that Chicago has become a central point for and that ike dealers ol the Northwest look no longer to the seaboard for their goods, but obtain tbo of European cr Eastern Irom blcngo merchants ascncflplyas from Xtw York ones. tVe owe much to oar location, bm more to those onrcrprislig citizens. when we speak of the prosperity, the flourishing condition ofuuv of our great sreicantile houses.

we are not merely describing them, we are also making them some slight return for what they have done, and we show that we are aware of their efforts, itds therefore a matter of public interest and of public when a Arm like that of Field, Leitcr caves the place it has long occupied and is compelled hy Increasing business to move into, and to use from gjnet to a building like the one recently erected hy Potter Palmer, at the corner of State and Washington streets. This is a thing gratifying to ns all. The success of this house, which Is now the third in importance of the wholesale drv goods establishments in America, has been won not only by the ability of its members but a persistent adherence to the rule originally laid down, of selling goods at extremely low prices and for cash onlv. In order to be enabled to carry out this first mentioned various articles composing their stock are procured ditectly from the European or the American in larjc quantities, for cash, and thus all tub profits ot middle men arc saved. Their lorcign goods arc of their own importation, belling for cash as the.

do, thus avoiding all bad debts, they are enabled to save the freight between here and the Bast, and thus to offer goods as cheaply as Is done at the seaboard. It was owing to an adherence to these rules that Field, Loiter Co. found that It was almost out of ttn ir power to carry oh business In their quarters on Lake street, which wore rapidly becoming 100 smalt for them, and they began looking around to see whore they could move. Fortunately at about the same time Potter Palmer had seirod the idea of building, at the corner of State and Washington streets, the best store in the world. The work was pushed forward with rare cucrgv by all employed on It, and as It advanced Messrs.

Field Loiter saw that it would answer their purposes admirably, and leased it for a moderate rental considering the great advantages and conveniences obtained. A few days ago it was essentially completed, and the lessees began the work of transferring themselves thither irom Lake street. One week ago the wholesale department was in the new L-uildinp. Between six and twelve o'clock on raturday eight the retail department was moved there and was prepared for the grand opening of last night, Ihe removal was carried on without tbc slightest interruption to business, closiugouc night on Lake street and opening the nest morning on Mate street It is unnecessary here to describe tbc cj tenor appearance of Palmer's new building. It has bev-u seen and admired bv a majority of oar citizens, und one can gel a idea of only Dy a personal examination.

Of the interior more can be said, and less is known, and we therefore propose to describe hncily, commencing with tne sixth and uppermost story, the way in which Field. Letter are utilizing the amount of room placed at their dispo-al. Lis sixth door, which Is all in one room, one hundred and one lect by one hundred and (lily and a siz; of all the -oms excepting the larger basement used solely for packing Here all the goods consigned to country dealers boxed and prepared for shipment, alter which they are lowered to the ground floor, to accomplish which there are a couple of steam elevators, running from basement to garret, rnd of such strength that an Immense sate, weighing three tons, was aafely lifted on one of them, on this same floor arc hollers containing thirty hogsheads of water, which, with the steam pumps in the basement, would doubtless drown any incipient Arc. THE FLOOR. The fifth floor is at present occupied by pile of boxes ol goods received, but it will not' be long before a warehouse will have to be erected for their nccommodaiion, and the space thus gained will be used as a wholesale salesroom.

IBE FOURTH FLOOR. The fourth floor Is given up entirely to and it is noticeable that this hou-e does a larger trade in article? classified under that head than any boose that make? a specialty of dealing in them. Upon the long counters arc heaped np ample supplies of hoop scans, perfumery. and the countless articles called fancy goods. This floor, like the one below.

Is divided into two departments, each one with its head, who Is responsible but io the Arm, and who has the exclusive control and management of fats special nrovince. Here It is that one first has an fairly to notice one of the tilings which makes this the bestbnildineoftUuktndin this country, that the admirable manner in which it is lighted. 1 banks to the windows on three of the four and to the hicb it possible to see ah- FOiately the color of any article in any part of the and no clerk is compelled to take apiece ol goods and carry it irom his desk to a better lighted portion of the loom. Good light, that groat necessity of such an establishment, has been fully secured, THE THIRD FLOOR. The third floor Is given np to cloves, white linens, woollen cloths, dankels.ctc.

THE EITOSD FLOOR. On the second floor are (be staple cotton goods, dress goods, silks, mnslins, Ac. Here also are tic wholesale office, the private office of the firm, and the offices of the beads of departments. The first floor purely retail, and contrasts admirably with the cramped and darker Lake street quarters. Yet it was soon found that this, large as is, would not accommodate the retail trade, and hence the front part ol the basement had to be nsed foi the sale of flannels, cottons, 4c.

This basement, which extends eo far under the sidewalks on every side as to be about one hundred and twenty-six feet by one hundrtd and ninety, is finely lit, and no person caa object to making purchases there. now crons ARE DANDLED. In the rear of this room arc tbo two engines which work the elevators for goods, to which another now being added on which persons may he conveyed, thus saving their customers the trouble of climbing up long flights of stairs, ami making tho imlrc-Duilaing one vast floor Here tco are the boilers by which the building is heated with stove being used on the the steam pump to be in ease of fire. A poition of the space is also used for the storage of goods. To lacllUate handling the Immense quantities of goods arriving daily, a chute is being constructed leading from the basement to ttae alley in the rear, so the entire load of wagon can be Instantly placed in the basement store-room, and trom lienee distributed by the steam demons to the departments to which they belong.

INFORMAL OPfiKISU The informal opening, for purchasers, took place at 10 o'clock yesterday lorcnoon. Long before the appointed time large numbers of people crowded about the and, when the doors were opened, mere was a perfect rash. In a few m'notes hundreds of sight seers were scattered over every port of the capacious building, and cverv counter was lined vvlilx purchasers. A view of the establishment gives a true idea cf its genuine worth. At night, when the tfcoussnd-and-one throw their light upon the scene, the eye, blmded by brilliant roundings, Is apt to convey false Impressions.

Kiagniucfni The cstaokshment can afford to be seen In day. Th light It will lore nothing bv any real comparieon. It Is superior to anything in the coantry, and that ought to suffice. be goods were all arranged rn tludr respective shelves In the nicest soneat and tasteful that It was a cliecrful sight to look npon. The hmi- I of wenr all in their places, looking their bert, tnd the lady cleika Isoked their very sweetest.

I 1 shawl received the i 1 greatest amonnt of attention from the lady visit- and their surprise and delight at the wonderful and beautiful garments and coverings on exhibition was expressed in the most cx'ravagant terms. How high and airy aic the monster salerooms; bow licantlfnlly is everything finished: what perfect harmony and unity was observed in making each part conform totbegen, cralwhc lc. Such establishments arc a delight to the eye, and a profit to the parse, since no obscure light gives a fictitious value In any part of the monster edifice. It Is apr dtgy of light. All day long hundreds continued to throng about the building, and at one time in the afternoon it was crowded in the retail departments to a degree of discomfort.

A amount of goods were told during the day, and everybody connected with the establishment was put his or her utmost to meet the demands of the deluge of customers. the best of order, and a most complac system for the comfort of both buyer and teller will prevail at the counters, and the treasnrv desks arc so arranged that there will be none the ordinary bustle of running hither and tnithcr ol the youths that oscillate between sales- man and cashier. i THE FORMAL OPSNISO. The formal opening last evening was a grand success. In the matter of attendance It could not hove been greater, for hundreds thought the building too crowded for any degree of comfort, i admired the sight from the aide- i walk and street- No institution in Chicago, I whatever Its character, ever drew so large an i assemblage together at Us opening.

Politically i speaking, was a spontaneous outpouring of Ihe people, come to view styles and fashions. As has titvn said before, the enormous edifice, from basement to garret, was crowded to discomfort and the opportunities for anything like a careful re- 1 view were but limited. 1 lUStASIES. 1 It is to be taken for granted that the ladies i were largely in the majority at the opening last evening. On this occasion they came not so much to be seen as to see.

With what a critical eye a woman reviews everything that comes la buv wav within her peculiar domain, and what I leld. Letter Here a bevy the liveliest would be congregated about a Dutiful display of Sultana silks, and what woman, with a woman's heart, docs not sneak in terms of ccslacy of these gorgeous fabrics. Another knot would ove-flow with admiration over beautiful champions, while a third was absorbed ovtrpoplm plaids. THE If an inquiring lady acquaintance should ask her friend, Julia, where did yon get that superb shawl Ibe reply will be, At Field Letter's, my dear." There Is not such a place to do a little tr a great deal of shopping in UieQroit Week congratulate the Chicago ladies upon their rare gcod foitnnc. bare good cause now to thank Cod that (her arc not as other cities for instance, like the dear creatures of inclnmill ami K(.

Louis, nnd other suburban villages. In (act. New York cannot boast such a gorgeous palace for the display of dry goods as that of i otter PalmcrV, and even Lord t'aylor, iml i. Stewart, the great, himself, mast hide their diminished heads and acknowledge the supremacy inthclr peculiar lines, at all events, of the Uarocn City Although for several days thousands of our citizens and citlzcncsscs have viewed the inside and the outside of this chief pride of Chicago's architecture aud given to it unqualified praise and admiration, vet last was the night of all nights to see it In all ITS OIUiIOBDUAIOJ JCsdSIPTCKSOB. Brilliantly lighted from garret to basement, it Flood out in bold relief to the mere shanties, which, to speak comparatively, surrounded it.

It looked palatial falrv-ltke, and, for all the world, as ifit had brought into existence by the magic stroke of an enchanter. The illuminated dead lights encircling it on the west and south cast a land and subdued light upon the bam of the building; but these ntdergroond rays bad no sooner reached the surface of the earth than they were driven back, so to spea-, ngnnd all powcifal raTF.omhtcdfrom.hundreds ofgas on the first floor which, bursting through the immense and magnificent window panes across the street, making the opposite sidewalk ns light as day and facilitating the pit king np or a pin, if there happened to nr astray one on the sidewalk, by a passing pedestrian as much as iu the full glare of the sun. Story after ihe heautifoland French dormer windows of the attic were reached, was illuminated In the same way. To admirers of Ar.CTIIJECinUL BEAUIT, lost evening, roust have aflordcd a rare opportunity for cnjoMnent. Corinthian columns, marble pilasters, b.ilcot leu with their clear cut and beautiful balustrades, pilaster curiously carved and of snowy whiteness, were so hroasbt out as lo remind one oftbc Alhambra by moonlight or the production of the genii in the time of Uaroun Alraecbld.

Then, the moving throngs of men and women, who, (tressed in the very styles eo lately and graphically described by our lashion contributor. promenaded the sidewalks, gave an appearance to the scene. 10X0 USES OP consisting of barum-hcs, landaus, phxtons, clarences, and ever; conceivable style or able conveyance, were drawn up on either side oi Mate street, between Washington nod Randolph. 1 be drivers on their high seals bud to wait long and patiently, for their oflfnera were boora and hours in cxammingtbc treasures within the ace. and it was nearly midnight before many of them were satisfied with feasting their eyes upon the gotd things within the building.

THE RETAIL DEPARTMENT. Ibis department occupies the ground floor, together with a portion of the basement, the walls being beautifully frescoed, wainnt counters, low shelving neatly furnished, and every fixture of tas'cTcl style and elegant finish. Upon entering from state street, the eye is met with a vast expanto of goods artistically displayed. An sttendant politely directs the purchaser to the desired department. and one soon begins to feel at home in the spacious establishment.

After talcing a brief survey the wares exhibited, the visitor's glance will light npon especial allraclion, and it will be strange If he or she be not irresistably drawn toward that portion of the store where aic'dltplayird the There are varieties and novelties most interesting to be seen here. In new designs, imported by field, Ixiter A were noticed some beautiful satin striped silks, plain and embroidered, of black and sultana, Aletlemlch and ether colors, in purpte, sea-let and straw, at per yard. A moon-on-thc-lakc silk embroidered in green, pink and scailet, at Chnmeitons. in BismatK and black, BUraark and Tridci, Acclre and creisse. and 50.

A shot pattern. at An embroidered robe in ruse and hile at $125; another, Mettemich and white, SISS; alre and white, £125; black ground, with b'ack aid Jet embroidery, very handsome, at £ins. New styles satin do Leons, double at $4.73 to ycr yard, some fine gros grains In colors at In black at $-12. CLOAKS. The cloak department of the establishment has been arranged on a very extensive scale and is fitted up nnu filled out with the proper articles in magnificent style.

A finer and more varied assortment has undoubtedly never been seen tn hicago. The space set aside for the display and saleol these very necessary garments is in the astern con or of the store, and is divided from tberest by a railing. This space is beautifully carpeted and fitted up with a stand of the most elegant largc-stzcd mirrors. It is a cosy little nest, and will certainly prove a favorite resort with the ladies. The department is superintended by a number of efficient young ladles, who take a great delight in explaining all too little curlomaglgs attached to stupid reporters.

One of them desires to make his acknowledgements. There arc so many ofdlt'crent textures and slvlca that It bothers one where to begin epetk of cloaking goods. there are striped plushes In all colors, wool cloths in all colors, including sultana. flame, orange. Ac.

In cloak one that attracted a good deal of attention was of the finest velvet, in s.icquc form, with an ovcrcapc of velvet, looped In the back with a sash of elegant black silk, 'the edge was finished with hcantifni crochet fringe about eight inches deep. A striped Bedouin opera cloak received its full share of attention. was trimmed with a handsome cord and tassels to match. Then there were elegant cloaks, trimmed with sable fur; seal elans of the most expensive sort, columbiers shaped of royal purple cloths trimmed with black satin, in a very elaborate style; black and while Astrochans, fall set-. In opera cloaks there is a splendid assortment, in sock and Colleen Bawn styles, made of plushes, valours, and velvet clothe, many of them trimmed in colors.

Arabian shapes there arc also in abundance. Likewise a largo assortment of Moscow beaver, in different styles. A majority of the cloaks affect the panier. 'I his department also contains a large and beautiful assortment of cloaks; genuine furs, suitable for street and evening wear. In all ladles are interested, and of these the establishment contains both a large and an elegant usfOrtmenl.

They arc in every color, and itordered br hand. These Jackets attracted more than ordinary attention, and the like of them, the ladles exclaimed, had never been seen. The shawl department, adjoining the cloak department, embraces the entire catalogue of this article. contains camel's hair or Persian cashmeres, varying in price from SIOO to ranging from sls to $175; point bee. from SEO to $300; ordinary chashmcre, some at a very low figure; every description of wool shawl, both long and square: black both long and square, and beautiful grenadines.

Also, an immense assortment of Prairie Male shawls, manufactured at Lacon, 111. These shawls are considered in no way inferior to the best ifastcrn make, and have an extraordinary sale. Or there Is a splendid variety, of the costliest fabrics and richest hues. This department is in the immediate vicinity of the shawls, and In many respects may be considered an adjunct. There are uNo iMrautiful piano covers of ordinary and tnc best qualities, and damasks, that put the ladies Into raptures.

Of these a number of the most costly and elegant were on exhirition, uud excited the unqualified admiration o( the ladies. It would be an Interminable task to mention alt or even many ibe iuo'c prominent In detail A few deserve special mention One was of green and black striped, irljuincd with green and black striped satin; biased flounce of the same material, headed with of the striped satin to match. Another was composed of a gold and black striped underskirt, trimmed with biased fold? of the same material: the upper and overgarment made of rich black silk and trimmed with a rich silk fringe, finally, we would mention a striped shot silk, panlcr-shaped, trimmed with biased folds of green silk, and finished with a fringe to match Underneath the panlcr a deep flounce drooped with rosettes. Fere are new and lashionablc shades of eeriest, maize, rose, Metternich green, tiultan, garnet, and at the right of these the fancy dress goods, among which were noticed some elegant cashmere rones. In Ibis line some novelties of marvellous beauty and grent Interest are shown, among them French diagonal twills, with broad hands at the aide: French meltons: tanada gray colors, with broad stripe; English plain, for suits; ticotcb tweeds-in groat variety, for suits, green and brown predominating: French cassiraeres.

grav. broad stripe; same, gold, blue and gray mixed, with broad nlue band, very tasty; Eibcnf light, with stripe; Ililgefs all colors; piques. granites, trecos and crapes, all colors: English serge coating, plain, diagonals and figures; beavers and English and French broadcloths in endless the above novel and ncaU T.IKIN GOODS. At the extrme left arc the linens, among which were remarked pome admirable design? of ticotch manufacture. Two sets represented, one a hunting scene, with horses.

dogs, and the other a game scene, woodcock, quail, pheasants, rabbits, and doylies to match In each case. Donnie damask cloths in sets, and damask were rich and elegant. RIBBONS, EIC. Here arc novelties and new styles, satin rtobon. plaid and stnpcd; sash ribbons of new patterns: shaded styles very handsom': satin and plain slk of the fashionable shades.

In the way of fanev dress trimmings there are some pretty and designs. Among the laces was noticed a teal guipure net at $6 per for capes, overskirts. etc. with trimmings to match: fichu capes, ready maqc; inserting with colored in lace tidies; fine lace cmbioldcrvd all worthy of especial attention. OLOTTf.

Hv StERT AND VNDEBWXAB. A fire lot of ffttcr cloth gloves, for fall and winter wear, new style? and fashionable colors were neat and attractive, and the kids were fault, of course. In the way of hose, there are new varictUs, such as Paris, Prince of Wales, gas. silk and opera hote, fleecy lined. Ac.

In underwear for ladu-p, children and gentlemen there is great variety. TCBSIHIWa OOODS. A new department, ard one not usually found in a dry coeds stcre, that of gentlemen's famishing goods, has hern added, and occupies a prominent place toward the front, A splendid collection of ciavate, scarfs atd neck-tics, among them a norcltv called the Norwood watch guard, are to be found heic. Including some extra fine Cardigan jackets, ibis department will doubtless prove popular. ik mt saamKT.

the admirable arrangements of which, as to light, dc ventilation, are alluded to elsewhere. may be cv found the Danne blankets and other sta- co pie goods. Ibe apartment is spacious and airy, in nnd will prove by no means the least attractive ha portion of the establishment. al A raagnlflcmt Furniture The large biickbuilding to the north of Palace, occupied by Mr. Charles Tobey, manufacturer end dealer in fine furniture, bedd'ng, mlr- rors, was also elegantly il.aminated on last evening.

Chinese lanlcms hung tin par- all cl liner from even- story, and their variegated cc colmsand bri'ltant light produced a very pleas- tr ing effect. The interior of the building was also Illuminated, setting od to great advantage the I stock of elegant furniture on the ground and sec; ond floor. nl lobev is the largest furniture dealer this side of New York citr, and probably can exhibit the largest assortment of stock in his line, of any similar trader In the United States. He has been In present location for three ytara, and Is well Ti known throughout the Northwest. For some ft lime pact no one who consult? stvle atali thought of gelling married In Chicago without haring his house furnished by Mr Tobey.

He is mnch Cj a rin qua non In the house tarnishing business as Field. Loiter to. are to the dir poods line pi Mr. Tobey ha? never had a formal opening of cl hi? great fhrnltnre depot, and on last night, either following the example of bisneighbor In the marble block, or. as he naively remarked himself, out of respect for Christopher Columbus, be threw open bis doors to an admiring public.

Atd the admiring public responded to bis invitation right palhntlv. From seven until twelve his store was thronged with beauty and fashion. To gel up stairs was a great labor by reason of the crowd, who were dei-rmmcd to have a glimpse al the rare and beautiful furniture displayed on the second flooi before vou did But even It one bod to progress slowly, be was well repaid for his posMbly, those I poor, and, consequently, envious persons, who were regretting continually that they could not most beautiful and elegant parlor and chamber sets in the It was curious to note the remarks vouchsafed by some of the 1 fair ones. One beautiful blonde said to her bra- neitc friend, as she looked lackadaisically at a 1 gilded and highly ornamented cabinet Lonise. his house (Mr 1 be furnished Louise elghad pensively, and said, Papas who accompanied mama? may, possibly, this morning rather regret the little eicursion I Into the Interior of the great furniture store, for In the cicltementof the moment many of them i made rash promises, snen that this and that costiv and beautiful piece of furniture should be i sent borne to-morrow.

We hope the ladies will the naughty men until they make their space sufficient at command this morning In these columns to giro a (all description (the various articles oa exhibition, tt must suffice to state that the first and second floors are Ibe salesrooms of the establishment and that the displayed are mcrclv samples, no two being duplicate 1. The bat and two upper stories, which contain a Keek of furniture valued at one Hundred and fifty thousand dollars, were not thrown open to the public, but if any'one cook an especial fancy to some article on the exhibition Hours, he need have no fear of its being purchased by another, for a jac timiU from the store-rooms can bo furnished on demand 'I be exquisite and elaborate workmanship of of lue drawing room, parlor, and chamber the descriptive powers of the writer, and be earnestly advises all who have the opportunity to go and see for themselves. The richly covered chairs and settees with cushions fil ed with cnrlcd half nnd clastic sponge, comfort and almost audibly invited one to repose, ebe large assortments of pier and man el mirrors In gold and fancy woods, with heavy ornamentations, were all superb and so clear and excellent in quality of gloss as to make one look hand-tome whether one would or cot. Ibe Blolc stands, with marble tops and tastefully carved gilded pedestals, were much admired The gorgeous coloring of the furniture coverings adoed a fine relief to the general scene. 'I here were brocatelles, catcllncs, plain and spotted terrys and an endless variety of other descriptions too numerous to mention.

INTERNAL REVENUE. Collections for the Bloatli ol September. The following is an official report of the collections of internal revenue, for the month of September, furnished to Tub Tbibcke by Theocorc F. Cashier: SPIRITS. spirits Gt (3531.931 I Wholesale 0...

2,133.11 46C.C7 XCcciintrs 3,157.921 Total 312 I TOBACCO. 4 2,747.15 I 17.500.74 1 Total 17,710.441 frumenteu necrflltrl eji.ux Total. Chewing. Smelting. I 21,317.55 banks 3.CCj.4<* sp.

taxi 133J3 402.161 Deposits. Ksprefs CB.U I Steamers 14.50 Insurance Theatres Lotteries 1L8.151 Katlroads Total. 2S6.SSI SALES. Apothecary 71 Whol. 26,301.33 Auction '6l 42153 Cosh I 115..5 INCOME.

Personal I SfiUA 1 Int.on Bank dividends. 1,470.051 bonds 33,373.07 UVJIIASI Total Dillard 15.311 5H.37 Brokers SiWCI 1 Peddlers 363.90 Bnllders 175. 1 POyelcUns 1,380.881 Beal state Agta 167 Dealers 1.651.C6 All others 1,113.01 Hotel SSI.OH a It 6. Agent- 1 131 I Total Legacies renames SebedA Purports 5.W1 Grand Total. .1155,611 iT MINISTERIAL UNION.

Vesnlnr Monllily Sleeting Yes' today Bfcrnlrg. The regular monthly meeting of the Chicago Ministerial I'uion was held at No. 150 Madison strict, yestdrday morning. The proceedings were opened with reading the Scriptures a prayer by Ur. Burns followed.

Ihe minutes of the last meeting were read and approved Itev. J. W. Ilealiy tendered hla resignation as and treasurer of the union. Unsaid he was about to leave the city for New Orleans, and was In consequence compelled to resign bis position as an officer In the onion.

lie thought it would not be possible to organize a similar union in New Orleans, as there were bat two or thiee loyal clergymen in that Southern ministers having a very hitter feeling towards their Northern brethern. Be also submitted bis report as Treasurer. The onion, he said, was indebted to him to the amount of $19.70. iheezficnscs lately had been very heavy, and the irctbcmfaad not paid their does promptly. Be hoped the brethern wonld remember him while in his isolated field of labor.

On motion the resignation was accepted, and the thinks of the union wore tendered to him for tbc faithful and efficient manner iu which he had discharged bis duty. On motion. Brother Hannah was appointed Provisional s-ccrotary. Dr. Uealcythcn said that notices of the meeting had been sent to different morning papers, tint, with one exception, bad not published them.

Bo thought they were justified in this, inasmuch as the union had voted to exclude their report- era from its meetings. If tlic papers were asked to publish notices their representatives should have the usual constesies granted them. He thought, however, if the reporters wore allowed to be present, a sreat many of the clergymen would not attend. lie was in favor of the secretary suing notices to every member wherever a mooting was tube bold. and made a motion to that cflect, which prevailed.

The meeting then adjourned. THE CATHOLIC IMBROGLIO. Letter from Dr. Dillon Appointed Ills Succe-sor. Yesterday we published the report of Archbishop Kcurick, of St.

Louis, upon the charges against Bishop Duggan, preierred by the four clergymen, and also the letter of Cardinal Barnabo, acquitting tbc Bishop As part of that matter. we have received the following cole from the ilev. Dr. Dunne: PtTTEtt FROM DR. DtTRKC.

Chicago. Oct. To llic Editor of The Chicago Tribune: The appearance in your issue of an English translation of certain official documents which hare passed between Cardinal Barnabo and the Most Reverend Archbishop of tit. Louis, elicits iroro me the following remarks: I I can hare no discussion in the public papers on matter? now In consideration by the Roly dec. 11.

Prom the commencement of this ecclesiastical difficulty, all the publicity has been caused by thr friends of the diocesan administration. 111. When tbedne time comes, my friends and I will vindicate our good names, and give evidence that wc have neither Hshll'j nor falsely made charges at Home. D. Dcnne, D.

D. A NEW FAS'OB F'R ST. PATRICK'S. The Rev. Patrick Dillon, formerly of South Bond, President of the Notre Dame University.

und general of the order which own? that institution. vesterday upon the duties of lastorof Ist Church. In place of Dr. )nnnc. removed by Bishop Dnsgan.

Ibe Reverend Bubop has, therefore, removed from their parishes and appointments all four of the clergymen who complained to Rome of his administration. Tlio Great Real Estate Sate The sale at auction of Cottage Grove lots advertised by Clarke, Layton took place at their office yesterday afternoon. At the appointed boor their large office at No. 129 Washington idrect was crowded bv persons seeking for thU desirable property, 'flic sale commenced at half past 2 o'clock, and continued, with briskness until half past 1, at which hour it adjourned until" o'clock on Wednesday (to-morrow) evening. The lots were sold at astonishingly low figures, bringing an average of twelve dollars per loot.

About two hundred lots were bid off. and the remainder of the tract will he sold ns above. This is the last chance to secure a. suburban home. First-Claim cioililng.

Wc desire to call attention to the advertisement of Newman Perry, Merchant Tailors, No. 84 Dearborn street, which is published In another colnmn. This firm, the successors of A. H. Boyden, are now opening, and will keep constantly on hand, a verv fine stock of goods for gentlemen's wear.

Tbcv have every facility for making np first-class and all who want stylish and lasblonable garments would do well to call on them. Tbo South Side. We wish to call the attention of reader? to the sale of aouth tilde property which will be made bv Messrs. W. A.

Butters this evening, at their salesrooms. See their advertisement in the unction colnmn. Australian and New Zealand steamship Line. tiAN Francisco, Oct agent of the Australian New Zealand titearashlp Company is at present In this city, making Inquiries and arrangements looking to a probably change of the route. If sufficient inducement? arc found to Francisco next spring will be made the terminus of the line on this coast, instead of Panama.

R. 1. AP. Railroad, Council Oct. Chicago.

Rock Island Pacific Railroad have crossed Middle River, eightv miles cast of this place, and are laving track at the rate of three miles per day. 'lt will he completed to this place some time in November. BUSINESS NOTICES. A TTondtr to many everybody can, at no expense, have all kinds of pain' removed instantly. Scores of people are visiting ITO Cha Hum Square.

New York, and aro agreeably surprised at the wonderful effect of a liauid called rain Paint, which is applied on the surface of the body wherever pain exists; as if by mafic all pain (Ties instantly. Tbis remedy is harmless as water, and can be in the moat delicate cases. Old ache? and rbenmatte pains of every nature leave on the first appl'callon. Wolcott's Pain Paint baa a great excitement in New York and all over the country. Folks hail with delight the advent of Pain Paint.

Sold airo bv all druggists at Si cents. 60 cents. sl, and 5 a bottle, i csl it free of cost. I. N.

Inwnt A South Clark street. Chicago, lIL We Ilavs frequently heard sav they would not be without Mrs. Soothing j-yrup, from the birth of the child until it had finished with the teething siege, on any consideration whatever. It gives an Infant, troubled with colic pains, quiet sleep, and it parents unbroken rest at night. Be snre and cal! for -rs.

Soothing having the of Pkkkiss on the outside wrapper. AU others are base imitations. A Neglected Cold, cr Sore Throat, which might be cheesed by a simple remedy, like "Brotrn't BronrAinf Troth's. If allowed to progress, may terminate seriously. For Bronchitis.

Asthma, Catarrh and Consumptive Coughs. Trochtt" are used with advantage, giving oftentimes Immediate relief. Singers and public speakers will find them also excellent to clear the voice and render articulation wonderfully easy. be Japanese Hair colon tbe and a beautiful ftijcl or Arown. it consists of only 02c preparation.

Price, 50 cents. Asthma Caro relieves the most violent paioxvgms in live minutes, and effects a stcedycure. nice, Ida box. Depilatory removes superfluous hair from any part of tbe body, In five minutes, without Inlury To the eklu. Price, ft.

Sell by Loan Saira, 3 Lake street, and all druggists. PTltTpnfitrtli Duildcm College open throughout the vear. The evening course will open Thursday. October Ist, usual. The classes lor the tnglish and German languages, and the school for reading, writing, spelling, grammar nnd arithmetic open at the same time.

For clrcnUre Inquire at the college office. 116 Fandolph street. XI Juniper Tar soap tbe beat ollu soap ever ida, may be used with ta- unity hj ladies with the most tender at 30 same lime it Is Invatuaaie a remedy for n'mplcs. or chapped skin, aqd iH cutaneous where other cannot bouaca without aggravating mo mauey ani giving pam to the patient. Mannitctnrcd by Caswell.

Btnard A New York. all of tbe faints. Ots and tl F. 93 Randolph street. SCABBZB9.

Cathedral of 88. Peter and Paul, Chicago, oa Sondty, October 11. by the Rev Canon Knowles. Mr. George Marshall, of Bath.

111., nod AnnThrcadzold. ofCldr-so. In Trinity Church. on bv Rev. rt.

Cox. U. Mr. of Chicago, nnd Alice Sterling, of n. y.

BLOOM-WILJ-ON'-In I 8-rrnd Orlol-o-8. by leer. KJ. Goodspeod, James W. Bloom attd Mu- Wllsot.

this city. October K. .1. Goodioicd, Mr. Charles W.

Howell and Martha Khlrldgv. Loul-vlllo, lie restdrnce of father, by Itev. J. C. Kt-itn, Mr.

Hi-rry C. Talt. of ihl-clty. rmi Blanche B. tb City.

October 10, by Rar. J. Busa, Mr. LR Kdgell and Mim U. h.Mlcs, allot Kalamazoo papers please copy.

Ogdendiurch. N. V-, oa Wednesday, October 7, bv Rev. Dr. Peters, at the redder ce of the father, Wm.

11. Mr. L. Webster, of Chicago, and Miss Marla Davies. No 9189.

Saturday evening, the 12th instant, at the residence of her KS Waahlngton-at. Jennie Daughter or Wm. Brooks, agr-d 17 Funeral at 13 to-day, (Thursday,) at Union Park Congregational Church. Cicero, September 21, of typhoid fever, William M. Elll-S aged 30 Tears, 8 months and 17 days.

Sew York and Poughkeepsie papers please copy. amusements. OPERA HOUSE. THE MAX MARETZEK COMBINATION COMPANY. ITALIAN AND GERMAN OPERA.

Positively lii-l of the Opera. TRIH EVENING. Tuesday, Oct. 1-s time of Grand Spectacular Opera, 2.M9.62 ROBERTO IL DIAVOLO, Received with the greatest erlhnslasm on Saturday last. The same great cast.

GRAND BALLET, New Dresses and Scenery. .1 Joint appearance of Signor BBIGNOLI and Herr 4,203.93 JOSEPH HERMANNS, In his Immense role of BERTRAM. 21,155.33 ROBERTO. AU'K. TAIMBALDO.

HELENE. 29,163.36 And JOSEPH HERUASSS TO-MORROW. Wcdncsdjv, Ocl. It. only night of Popular Opera, BAZiZ.O IN IKASCHBBA, (The Masked Ball.) Mhth on immense cast.

Grand Incidental Ballet. AMELIA Mias AGATHA STATES OSCAR SUSS ISABEL McCULLOGH ULRICA Miss APPEL RiCARDO SIjr.RRIGKOU UttNARDO Slg. ORLANDIM big- BATULI CONSPIKATOI.b Slg. DnmtKCL In the BaP-room scene. Grand Pas tie Fantalsle, composed and danced by M.

WESJIAEL, THURSDAY, Oct. 13, a favorite Opera. FRIDAY. Oct.lC,onlrnljht of Meyerbeer's Grind -pectacolar opera, STAR OF THE NORTH. Admission, Reserved sews.

50 cents extra. Fam- circle, 50 cents only. Private Boxes, rany of the above can now be secured at the Box Office of the Opera House. JJcYICKER THEATRE. Doors open at 1, performance at 7V A BRILLIANT SUCCESS.

A Midsummer Dream, EVERY NIGHT AND SATURDAY MATINEE. pr" Remember can be secured six la advance. QOL. WOOD'S MUSEUM. FRANK E.

AIKEN Sole Lessee and Manager. GREAT SUCCESS OF BOUCICAULTSTHiaLLINO DRAMA. Tucsdnr and Wednesday evenings, October 13 and 11. and lit the Grand Mulioec, Wednesday, at o'clock, the LONG STRIKE, Or, THE WORKINGMEN OF MANCHESTER, New scenery, now machinery ami apparatus In now Irish Drama. OPERA HOUSE.

C.l>. HESS CO. MONDAY EVENING Ocl 19, FOX'S Grand Fairy Trick Pantomime same IHUMPTY DUMPTYiBoys grow Man niTMPTV DUMPTT'from two feel UiU v.l* 1 fti.i changed Into I HUMPTY DCMPTI toslx feet In anile of wood. 11IUMPTV DUMPTV I five Terrible! HUMPTH DUMPTY I Market stall Steam boat! HU3IPTY DITMPTY I changed Into a ploa lo n. I HUMPTY DUMPTV I yacht.

A Kaleidoscope of Fun. Fairy Enchantment and Beauty, Sale ofsoatswlll open Thursday morning. A BUNGTON HALL. xX Corner Clark and Monroc-sts. J.H.

Haverly Manager. MONDAY, October 12th, find appearance of ROLLIN HOWARD, the Burlesque Prfma Donns. Also, of the eminent Basso Profundo. WM. BUTLER.

Friday, Oct. 16th, Benefit of lIERNANDEZ. Matinee Saturday afternoon. gOUTH DIV ISION GRAND PROMENADE GONGERTAND BALL, At LIBRARY TTALL, corner LaSalle and Randolph on THURSDAY EVENING. Oct, 13.1«G8.

Music bv the full Great Western Light Guard Band. Tlckcta, admlttins Gentlemen and Ladles, N.B.—Full programme of catertsUnmcnts will be given in a few days. THE COMMITTEE. -pANCING-THE SEW ESGLISD DASCIXG ASSOCIATION TVIH meet at their old Hall. 231 (Teatonlallall), on Wednesday evening.

Oct. 1 1.1>5C J. PERKINS. Manager. auction Sales.

JMPORTANT AUCTION SALE. Tnesday. OtL ISih, at a. at Daniel Scott A 42 JUnddpli-St. Largest Fall Trade Sale of the Season CTo Close a Partnership.) 200 Gases Boots and Shoes, SSO 000 WQttb of Cnstom-Htde Clothing and Famishing Goods.

Also. 120,000 worth of general Dry Goods, Including Flannels. Gloves. Hosiery. Shirts and Drawers, Hats and Cloaks Blankets, Piece such ns Casslmeres, Beavers, 4c.

DANIEL SCOTT Auctioneers. TRADE SALE. FRIT 1 AT, Oct. 16Hi, nt 10 n. At of DANIEL SCOTT 12 Kan' clplftU 150.000 Genuine Figaro Cigars, 50,000 Assorted Brands.

ALSO, 100 Cherry Tobacco, including all ic favorite DANIEL SCOTT Auctioneers. OEVEKTH TRADE SALE. VTE SHALL OFFER AT AUCTION, OntTcdnesdiy, Oct. 14, prompt, CASES CUSTOM-MADE BOOTS AND SHOES. Abe, 11H o'clock, owes ARMY BROGANS, For account whom It may concern, at our large SALESROOM, 18 SOUTH Two doors from Richmond House.

packed for country CEO. 7- GOBS 5t CO. £ABGE SALE CARRIAGES HARNESS, AT AUCTION, BY GARLAND, DOWNS CO. At Ihclr Repository, "-0 and 53 Korth Canal-st, near Late. Thursday, October 15, 1868.

At Ton Bneclra, CarrralU, open and Express Wapsosncw and second hand, ta.l and examine OMSSD. gY CHILDS STiTE ST AT AUCTION. Drr Good-. and Siloes, piece Goods, FurntslilT-s Goods, Will sell at onr salesroom on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, Oct. Ij and At 9.V CEO.

W. BSCKFORD. Auctioneer. CHILDS BBOS-i tate-st. AT AUCTION.

Household Fnrnltnre, Bedding, Crockery, contents of eighteen at ok rnuiisDAr. October is, at r. Sale positive. JJY GILBERT SAMPSON catalogue sale. 75 CBATKB OF WHITE CROCKEBI at AUCTION, BY THE CRATE.

On WEDNESDAY, October shall sell at our salesrooms, os. and uo state 9U, 75 CRATES OF WHITE CROCKERY, consisting of a complete aaMrtmcnt. ThecratMare well assorted and worthy the a iJ rt mi Country merchants arc Invited to attend the aalfc 'can be seen Tuesday. Catalogues day. Sale without reserve.

GILBERT SAMPSON, gQQ BESEDBNCE LOTS I-IYDE 3P.A.RJK On TUESDAY EVENING, Oct. 13, at the Spacious salesrooms of WM. A. BUTTERS We shall sell the remaining SM lots unsold of the 435 lots In Whcclock A Hermann's Subdivision of Sections 23 and3l, In Hyde Park. these lets Hr west tad loath of Half a mile west of (he One mile ud half eist of WoodUwa SUtion.

A paM of the land heavily timbered. Umestose qoarry oa a part of it Every foot high tod cry. Title ui-hoat a shadow opsa It. Cblctffc A Dammy Railroad will go through It SALK TO BE POSITIVE, and to make sales certain will be requited at the time of purchase. TERMS; cash; balance 1 Interest at 3 per cent.

Call and gel a plat. WM. A. BUTTERS Ancfs. qatalogue sale of foreign and Domestic Goods Winter Clothing ano Underwear, Dress Goads, Tyros, Knit Goad Bools 4 Carpets Oil Cloths, dc at auction, on WcdncMav and Thnrsday it and 13, at our spacious up stairs Randolph-st.

COUNTRY MERCHANTS will And at this sale aOne line of goods to stock up with, WM. A. BUTTERS A Auctioneers. gPECIAL SALE OF IMPOETED TEIMMINGS, 11V CATALOGUE. On FRIDAY, October 10.

at 1C o'clock a. at our salesrooms. 3. ft anil ll Randolph-st. The stock is large and desirable, comprising a full and general variety, which will beclosed without reserve.

Ttrmscf sale cash. WM. A. BUTTERS Auctioneers. BRIONfJLI Mad.

ISABEL MeCULLGCH TO two-story frame of 8 rooms. In good repair, No. Sll West Washingtoo-sl. Kent a month. Apply to Wil.

OLCOTT, 151 Washington-st. TO RENT- No. US West Wasblmrton-st-, One location, bouse two-story ami basement, with Mansard roof. So. 150 between North LaSalle and North a comfortable house of 10 rooms.

DAII.D corccr Lake and LaSalle-ste. TO Evanston, two sood new houses cf seven and eight rooms. Apply to me at Evanston, or at my office, 19 between 2 C.E. UUUWNE. 'TH) RENT-No.

101 a first class two-storvand brick-basement redd-mce, with 13 rooms, apd all modern Improvements. Inquire at 95 fluron-sl. rpo Oue cf lUc new marble-front bouses almost ready) on North LsSalic-st between MrCagg-placo and Oak--t. Hoiki two-story ami basement, with French root finished In the most perfect manner, and suppll-d with every convenience. Apply to CEO.

C. CLARKE. 13 Chamber of Commerce. TO one-story cottage containing three bed-rooms, with closets, parlor, diningroom. kitchen, pantry, bath-room, with hot and cold water, china closet, gas.

cellar, and rooms all large, house being 26 feet wide. Gas fixtures will be rented with house. Apply to C. HARMON, 40 State-it. TO very desirable new two-story and brick basement Located on corner of Prnlrlc-av.

and Twcnty-fourth st. Apply to J. C. TODD .51 Slate-st. TO 353 West corner eleven rooms, bath room, clos- stone cellar, coal houic and yard.

Inquire at 411 West or of fe. LIN 13 Exchange-place. TO No. God rear Union Park.between Paulina and Wood-sts. Inquire at No.

9 South Clark-st. T'O rooms, suitable for a small family, on the South Side. 135 Statc-st. cottage of 0 rooms, on West Harrlson-sr. Inquire at 161 West Harrtson-st.

TO RENT A 3-story briek, furnished complete, or win sell theVurnlture at a sacrifice, and lease the house; will also rent or sell lot of Innconshousehold furniture, or trade for a lot. Parties may take board in exchange. Goods all firstclass. Address Tribune office. TO 24a West 10 rooms, nil modern Improvements.

1.X3 Cllnton-M 10 rooms, gas, water, bath ro Ac. 51 Thlrtv.flrst-st., 11 rooms, gas, to cars. 19 Cottage-place. 2-storv cottage, 119. £5 Thlrtv cottage, 5 rooms.

J3O. T. s. FITCH ft 163 Dearborn-st. TO boardm" bouse, centrally located, that will accommodate fifty week boarders, and 23 to 50 dav boarders of the best payingclass, with thefurnlture for sale, that must and will be sold within three account of sickness In the a great sacrifice.

Call early as we must sell. E. W. lIAGERTY, 101 Room 5. rpo bouse, 12 rooms, SSOO 5 house and barn.

653; AbvMeen-st, near Tsvlor. cottage, Wnrrcn and near limits, houses om to MO. GOOD WILLIE, Real Estate Agent, toi Madlson-st. TO West gas, hot and cold water, closets, barn. Possession November 1, DCS.

Apply to J.C. HOAGLAND, 133 South TO RENT of fiouse No. 375 verv convenient for a small family. Has water and ali cofttcnlcnces for housskoeptDg. Jl2 per month.

Inquire at the house. TO nice two-story house of 10 rooms and barn. No. 301 South HaMed-st. Inquire at 153 South rpo RENT- The olllce, No.

10 Oriental A Hnildhg. with furniture. Apply to WJI. OLCOTT, 13t TO KENT-Bonded Warehouse. The fireproof building.

now occupied by Sturgcs 4 AUlstcr. located at the north cud of Rush-st. bridge. Apply to JOHN MATTOCKS, Room 11, Building. 'T'O double front offices, scc- A ondfloor.ut and Cheap; fS(O cadi, with long lease, It required.

Inquire at Room 5, on the premises. TO 20sfi0 with 40 feet of basement in a pood locality, fitted for the pork nrssor agrneral meat market. Inquire at 253 south Ualstcd-st. TO and natures for sale. Fixtures must be sold before the IMb Instant, cost or no cost, as the owner going to leave town.

Apply on the premises, 353 Sooth Clark-su TO 9 Cottaee with rooms above, water, gas. closets, New, T. S. FITCH 4 16J Dearbormst. TO or before Jammy Ist, store basement, 103 Lakc-st.

Apply on premises. TO desirable oQiccs and moms In the new rear building, on the 3d, 3.1 and 4th floors, entrance Nob. as and flu Washlngton-st. Also, two store rooms and basements on the alley. Apply to O.

LENT, 55 up stairs. TO RENT room suitable tor an office with two small rooms attached, on one of the best corners In the city Inquire at Room No. 1, 135 corner of Madison. nno store, dry Rau- near HitNn-d. very low rent.

Also, desk room in splendid front office, second floor, only fS. GOt. PWILLIE. 163 Madlsoa-St. TO E.

popular boarding corner or Hnbbard-court and some of unfurnished two Urge, Monre rooms. with first-class board. Can be obtained if applied for soon. Good references required and given. TO to rent, and fnrnltnrc Inquire at Room 29.

CobVs Building, 120 between 1 ami 2 p. m. TO furnished room also nnfnrnished moms for housekeeping, at near Van Dnrcn-st. TO RENT furnished front room, suitable for gentleman and lady or two gentleman. 6J5 TO RENT- In Tumi shed rooms in new block.

No. 13TV Madlaon-JU opposite Farwell Hull. References required. Apply at roomli. TO RENT-Fine fnrnished rooms, in Tyler Block, and 19 LaSallc-st.

Apply on Monday, at Room Si, rraQ RENT-Fine furnished rooms. Iu Tvler- J. Block, nandWLaSalle-st. Apply on Monday Room 21. TO ISo South a large front room, soluble for an ofice or a sleeping room.

RENT unfurnished room and I closet with of Wtchea, for honaekeep- Ins Flee chance for cenlleman and wife. Cheapreat. aim. one famished sleeping room for Apply Immediately, Sonth between Madison and Monroe. BOARD lady Tracts board a private f-tmiir.

for which she will civc first-dass rloDSln music to two op three children. Best encWgiven If required. Address AM, Tribane office. younir gentleman desires day I board where he can exchange order on class dental establishment la payment Or same. Tribune office.

dr evs And single room, by a single gentleman. Terms not to exceed per week. A good borne wanted. Address MB, Tribune T3OSRD-South Side, for gentleman and Jjwlfe snlte offront rooms, prlratc family preerred. Address ISI Lake-at.

References rcqolrcd. BOARD room or.rooms, with or fbrtwo yoang men, in a prlraie family. Kcfcrences exchanged. Give locaUon, describe room, and name price per week. Ail, Tribune offlcc.

FCK hare for sale a scconJ-hsnd BnnrleV Hotair Will Inchos tnstde chase. In rood order, will mate 1.50* "on. pw hoS. Price. Address HOLSInIS 4 i-E, Bloomington, F)R SALE Vcmr 12 feet black walnut tables.

AppiyjitlilLake-st. TpORS portable tnmace, la good order. Inquire at 106 Lakc-st. $10 Hyde Park, on the Sd of October, a black and white pointer doe, mo-llvbUck. answering to the name of" Any person returning him to 9 between State and will receive the above reward.

LOST mornloff, cither in a State-fit car, or on the way to North Side, a pottemocnale, containing about flO In money, car tickets and A liberal reward will be paid for Us return to 21 Van Boren-au G. W. PECKFORD. Auctioneer. auction Sales.

AT AUOTZON- Nor, 9,7.0 and 11 Bandalpb-rtt. Sale commencing at 7 o'clock. 2To 2To 33oavb isaanteb. jfot Salt. 3LOSt.

OST lace handkerchief, 7lh instant. I Also Satnrdar ercolnc, loth, a coral at opera or on between and I'lease Uavc at Tribune office and Mrard. celre re' Last evening, either on the 8 Milwaukee train, or between the depot and the Barnes House. a draft for 150, drawn by lien. B.

Whitman on the Mnth National Bank of New York, in fator of M. M. Tnckcr. All persona are hereby cautioned against negotiating the same, aa payment hubeen stopped. The finder will please leare It at the Tribune office and be suitably rewarded.

IOST afternoon, between 2 and on North Clark-aU, a book. alg. N. Wagner. Court Uoote, No.

3. The finder will delve same to said office or Vj North Clark-St. la cal linDtovccl. property oo Marb'c front two-story and basement, on the nnrthetut comer of Wabash-av. and Twenty-lhlra-sL.

welll.nliU with every convenience. French root. Marble uoni boaae, two-story and basenont, on Ind near Tccntleth-u. French rof, goon harn in rear, will be offered low for a short time Pikx home, three story nod basement, on sooth or Ko. TO.

Also a number of flrat-claas marble front homes la choice localities on tne from 133.000 to KO'COO. A. J. AVBRELL, Real Estate Office No. 7 Metropolitan Bloch.

Real Estate A Atent, 16c Madlson-tL: 11 23x113. Jns3) payment down. brick house, 10 rooms, bam and lot. Washington and of limits, frame Small payment down. new two story and basement 1 brick house, with modern improvements, elceant'y dubbed.

at a decided bargain. If taken this week. Inquire on premises. No. 47 one block south ofMadlson-sL cars.

Terms easy. PDR new two-etory house, with modem Improvemet ts. No. 10a9 with now furniture throughout. which cost 3 months azo.

Will sell house and furniture for the low price of $6,000, if taken at once. Apply on premises. F'OR SALE-Cotlace house of 6 rooms, and and lots 21x130, on Wlnchester-sl near MadUon-st. sl.3focash. balance $lO per month.

J.R. KEELER, 139 South Clark-st. new two story bouse. More and lot, on South for Very Cheap. Apply to F.

CHRISTIAN, Room 3 Block. have anumber of good 1 to let and furaalc In all parts of the citv. E. LAMONT 161 Washington bt. OR house of six rooms and and lot 33x123.

on near Tyler. J. li. KEELER, 139 Soul T7OR SALE On a strictly first- A class marMc-rrcnt house, new, between Rush and Rot and cold water, bath room, truer cookin? speaking dc. QEO.

M. lIIGI.INBON, Real Estate office No. 7 Metropolitan Block. with dwelling above. and lease of lot, corner of Canal and Adams or exchange for real estate la tlccirv.

J. H. KEELER 133 South Clark-st. FOR Philpot Picket, Room 5: kUUUI O. 3 acres on the South Branch, just above the rolling mills.

Wc can sell property at a great bargain will soon be worth per foot front on the river. If acres on Just at the city limits, outside. WU.I sell part or the whole to suit Sort blocks on opposite Wickei Park south of Wicker Park. The best plec? now for sale on the avenne. 5 acres on the avenue, of mile sonth of the city.

30 acres In 33,09. it. 10 acres, west of limits, in certlons 13.89. ft. 266 fceC fronting Wicker Park, in tract.

Best lots In the tract. 25 feet on south ofTwenty-BixtU-st. an feet on Pralrie-av- sooth ofTwentv-flfth-st. Cheap iota on Halstcd and Inside the city, sooth. Sundry cheap houses and lots on the Sonth Side.

miLPOT PICKET, St FOR -T. H. Kcslor. U) south Clark-st. near Centre, 50x125.

near oOiU'i. near Wahnanseh. 3 or 50x139. Donzlas-p'acc, near Moon away, 52xir(. Donglas-place, near 53x135.

near Donglas-piace. 30x131. near Twenty-ninth, 50x130. Inr near 50x159. nesr Twentieth-au, 25x1 7n.

near Tvler, 50x123. near Hoyne, 00x123. near Tat lor, near Cark. 45x50. near Donglas-place, Cheap.

T7OR Side propertr, at a bar- I. gain. 150 feet or sis bcantiful residence lots on the southwest corner of Paulina and fronting east: terms easy. Also 48x123 feet on csst of Winchester, and 45x125 feel on Winehcster-st-, between Madison and Monroe. 45 feet, Bonthfronl.

on llmlis, for fI.COO. iTEDMAN, LEFFLEK MORRIS, Room li, 123 Dearborn-sl. 170 lauds adjoining Ibc I 1 city. SO acres lake shore property. 1,300 feet lake front; len acre lot on ten acre lot on adjoining Dexter Parc, cheap for easn.

Don't forget that IS.WT.'XX) have been made from my premature sales In Chicago. Room 5, 111 Madlson-st. FOR the 300 feet on Kankakf In Ellis' Addition. 2TO feet on In Kill--' Went Addition. 500 it on corner Thlrfy-thlrd-st.

50 ft on near Crittenden. 63 per font, lit ft on cor. Crittenden. Real Estate Office, Room 7 Metropolitan Block. FOR grand investment ISo lots one-halt nile Inside of limits for lla.ojo; onethird down; balanceone and two KICK, TERUV, Real Estate Brokers.

13S Rooms 7 auds. Foil SALE -1 beautiful lots on Jus: west of front north. Look at tide property. GEORGE FOR SALE lots on and 6 lots on near the city lota nreoffered at alow price for a few A. R.

WING 3 Room 3. J7OR SALE-By Uulbu'd Co, La- I 1 Beautiful at Englewood, on Wabash. Michigan and at one-third the price asked at aud tea to fifteen minutes nearer town by steam can. 17OR lands, by the A 10 acre block on mile south of city llrrlts. 10 acrc.mfland, north of between Kankukec and Indlana-avs.

4(1 acres north of the citv limits, near Rose lull. 320 acres In the town of ITovtso. near the Aux Plains, with living water the year round. A. ,1.

AVKRELL, Kcal Estate Office, No. 1 Metropolitan Block. F)R Whipple True, Room 3, Lombard Block, 50 feet on east of Statc-st. This Is ocoofthc beat Investments In tbc city. Also, 40 feet of State, on Monroc-st.

The above arv only offered for a few days. FOU for f4 X)cach, couvvmcut to horse cars, and about IV miles from centre of the city. J. F. STARR, 121 East Randolph-st.

F)R SALE lot on south front, for onc-lhlrd down, balance one and two veam. This Is very cheap. RICE, CALL WELL TERRY. IK Room 7. la cal Ij'OK containing 100 acres, well adapted to both grain or stock: good stream of water running through It: cheese factory on the adjoining farm; good farm house, and well and cistern under cover; bani SOxlO: large bearing orchard of the choicest varieties of grafted frnlt; plenty of and twentv acres of good situated wltMn 33 miles of Chicago and miles from Harrington Station, on the Northwestern Railroad.

Terms easy. Possession given this fall or la the soring. Address j. AYLESWORTH, Barrington Station, Cook County, 111. FOR Evanston and North new houses and lots with a small payment down, balance to be paid In monthly or quarterly payments.

Choice lots for sale at North Evanston, near the new depot, at per front foot by eon feet deep. Apply to me, at Evanston, or at my office, Room 11, between 2 and p.m. C.E. BROWNE. acres of land never bcr fore In the market, 8 full sections.

In the vicinity nf Chatsworth and Do notstonto write, but go direct to Chalsworth, where H. A. Pearsons, with teams, can be found, Be prompt. D. K.

SUNS. M. E. Church Block, Chicago. T7OR farm, an hear ride west of Chlcagoby rail; near a village land beautifully rolling, 35 aerts Umber, a large orchard, house of 12 rooms, largo bam and a never Calling stream.

CLAFLIN WHITNEY, 137 Madlsoa-st. partners ffiHanteh. from to fg.Otp. in a well-established srocry business In this cltv. Location first-class, Reftrenrcs askctl ibr and will be given.

Address GROCERY, Tribune office, Chicago. a profitable cash business, to take the place of one retiring- Any one wishing to invest will find this an opportunlty of making money seldom offered. Address Box 1013, Chicago. the subscriber, already cslahliehod inllie wholesale batter and general produce comailsslon business, oa South water street. 1 want a party to And capital against spcrlencc and trade.

will send card totboeonly giving name aad capital. Address Tribune office. Wanted-With cub, to 'purchase the Interest of a retiringpartner In a U-gitUuatc ncil profitable business. This Is a rare chance. Apply irora 9t012 a.

at 84 Room 2. good business man I In aba-lncss well established and paving 120 per rtsv nett. Capital required, small. Apply at 103 Room 2. the boot and shoe IT with acapltal to 1.300.

Custom trade established, Call at No. 2X3 West fer two days. Wanted In a saw mill In a first-class location. In Wisconsin. From 15,000 to required.

Profits in the business. annum. LAMB Co, 191 Randolph, orWINSOB Mansion, Wis. Wanted WUU three or four thousand dollars, to Join the advertiser In purchasing a lucrative business already established. This Is a pood chance for a good man, as will be shown on investigation.

Agents need not apply. Address HEKKIMbK, Tribune oilier, for two days. Worses, damages, FOR extra fine pair of carriage horses, sale. fine style, scare, trot together one mile Inside of four minutes, always In cnod health, well to the city. Address J.

D. WATSON. Tribune office. cxchanirc a fast torse, VV hazay and the low price offSSy, for Chlcaco real estate. Apply to T.

C. LAMB, No. 101 EoomT. FOB Eight draught horses, from twelve to fllteea hundred each, yonn? and sound. To be seen at Garden City Hotel stables, cor.

Market and Madlaon-sU. F)R A very fine new open or trotting baggy, patent wheels. New Uaren make. Also one top Can be seen at 003 Klnac-et. splendid matched pair of dapple gray carriage horses, 10 bands, good 6 yean old, at i CD Statc-ot.

UR good assortment of open and top rejetawaya. cabriolets, at reduced prices. SHELTON A TUTTLE, Kos. 50 and 52 East iladlsoa-st. FOB SALE-A good saddle pony, sound and kind- Can be seen at M.

C. freight hocse, foot of Soctti Watcr-st. lOR fine pair of matched bay ponies, welch tSOSs. and good travellers. Also a rood horse that will work anywhere Will trade him For lumber, or carpenter ork.

At 06 west Washington-st. UOR splendid matched team of black horses; also three single bones, will ho sold very cheap. Apply at the barn of WEST, GILLESPIE A No. 19 Johcsoa-sC, WcstDlrlalon. 170 blx seat Victoria caniace; also a four seat phxtoo, both on form and carrlazea.

Also affood assortment of b-irocchef, bngclcs, two seat Democrat wagons, at 3 and SI Market-st. u.B. HUX. P)K sate ol waeoni, harreiw. at 133 Siate-st.

on Wednesday. Oct. U. and Friday 16. at lOtfa.

in. HODGES, Auctioneer. iHarijincrs. F)R cosines of all and In the Wesl. Call or write for'Circular and price ust Sooth Canal-aU H.M.AMK3 woodwork Planer and matching machine; has never AJmade at Worcester.

win plane toncoeaS gwe inches wide; trill plane Inches wide and 5 inches thick; weight WOO will warrant It In every respect. SAWKIiSi JAMES, 193 South Walcr-st. FOR engines of all sizes, ami makes, new and second-hand- A large assortment of portable pomps, belting, mills, W. McOUEGOR, 23 Booth Caaal-st. FOR and stationary encine.s Iron planers, encine upright drills, boll cnttirs.

Bcortcraot blowers, steam rnmrs. wood-working machinery of all kinds, belting, hies, and a general assortment of machinists' anppUes. at redneed prices. Send for circular. C.

L. RICE 19 and 21 Chicago, ID. SALE-Second-hand engines, large and small, new no with boilers, 16x33 lathe, and smaller, drills, steam pumps, planers and matchers, shapers, hose, andiron maebinerv; Bradley double cylinder engine, working. GREENLEE BEOS. Lake-st.

Side deslrons ofdlpoMng of their property, la the way of renting nnd selling, will andll to their alnntige to call on me, I sell nothing bat west Side property. As far ns references arc concerned, I ref, you to most any one In Chicago. I aellmz and renting a great deal of property every day. O. COLF, office No.

KS West Block. To buy, lor cash, nod VV cast-off clothing, or miscellaneous goods of any kind. By sending a lelt-r to I. ELDER, 901 booth yoa can find a porcbascr. TXT Ladies wlio want first-class VV dwamaklna done at moderate ta call on Mrs.

E. K. over 143 'Vest All work warranted to ciresatlitsctlon. Guitar pupils, by a Uflr teacher. Address GUITARIST, care P.

O. Box SSI, city. bavc to trade some VV did Improved firms In Illinois and lowa, for hoa Ci nod lots, or on trued lots. In Chicago. LAMB Brokers, 101 Randolph-81, Room 7.

TTTANTED-A medium size fire-proof safe for cash. Address F. R. WILSON, 14Sooth Clark-st. TX7ANTED loan money on real estate VV in la soma of three to rtre thousand dollars, at ten per cent per annum.

Address ATM. MATHfcWSON, Carpenter, P. O. to know that the VV LAUXDKV.No.3S9 South the quickest, cheapest, and the best. old and toque, male and ftmalc.

to call on Madam DUVAL. She Is the greatest fortune-teller-known. She will astonish you all with revelations of the past, present and future. No. sr, South CUrk-sU Chicago.

TT7 friends and the public cen- VV crallv, to oil at and prove the tinthof Clairvoyance Vourpast, present and future accurately read, at 425 South State-st. GEORGIAN descriptions ol old broken, VV also pood watches, Jewclrv, old gold, silver, pistols. breech-loading rifles, umstral Instruments, east otrelothh and all kinds of goods, f-r which the highest price paid in cash at DAUTLETFS, fast Madison-sl. XX7ANTHD- Pressmakins, bv Miss Wil- VV tiams, 3t9 sooth Stalc-st. to know that the VV celebrated Gypsy Woman baa returned to this citr.

If you wish tc know all the secrets of your past and future life, the knowledge of which may save yon Sears of sorrow and care, fall to consult the ypsy Palmist, and get vonr life told correcllv brjhe Salra ofyour hand. Full satisfaction given. Realeace, near Jackson. Consultation 91. wbo has property to gel! or to let will do well to call and see us tvefore golrg elsewhere.

E. LAMONTA 131 Wrsblnglon-tt. rs and side shelving. A lot of good tabla and some side shelving Address GTS, Box 1,63, ANTED-A permanent home for a little orphan Ctrl, years nld.ln an American famllv. Is smart, Intelligent, and affectionate.

Deferences required. Apply to A Chicago Doit Office. trade chrars for a horse, harnwsasd K-sprlngwagon. Scparatelv or fur the let together. Address HORSE.Trlbone ISoarhmgatrti Hogging.

6 of elegant furnished and unfurnished rooms, suitable for centl'-men Htjd tbeir wlvcsand single gentlemen, to permanent first-class parties. Van near the A pleas ant and verv desirable suite of large unlurnlshci pallors with attached If desired; also, on famished single room. i West A few gentlemen can ut find lodging and good board at week. Also, cay hoarders wanted. East or four men can be accommodated with board and lodging In large, well-furnished rooms.

Also a few oay boarders wanted. QA South sleeping ov rooms, well famished, amt use of parlor, with good board, on reasonable terms, In private bou-c, fifteen walk from Court House. cor. large ftout room, suitable for three gentlemen, or gentleman and wife, with board. Terms moderate.

I A A opposite the Post A large furnished front room. tmliiWr for gtnUemsn and wife, and also two small to rent, with board, on reasonable terms. East pleasant furlUl aisbedfront rooms with good board. Also boarders can be accommodated. IHI large front ptrlor, furlUlnlsnrd.

and a large chamber, furnished or unfurnished, with board, to gentlemen and wives or several single gentlemen. Terras reasonable. lAQ gentleman and wife or IWO two gentlemen can obtain good board and accommodation at reasonable terms; but few other boarders. Second hom-c from corner of Harrlson-st. 11 A Miclilcan-av.

front room, with for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Also a few day boarders. i furnished rooms. 1 for gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen, ith nil modern conveniences and first-class table. A few Jay boarders accommodated at a week.

West choice of hand- IO I some rooms, single or In suites, to rent, with flrst-clnss board. Also vucanrv for single gentleman, in a new house. References given. boatd, with plcasl moms, ftt reasonable rates, one block from Post Office and one block from Madison-41. with lu board, for gentlemen ami wife or single gentlemen.

Also a few day boarders can be accommodated. on gentlemen can wUi: obtain hoard and pleasant rooms In a private family with no other boarders. 91 rroms. for single id Igentlemen or families, with board, can be tained by applying as above. 901 Wabash Board with or without rooms.

9QE North LaSallc-st. mulc of rlshed rooms, with hot and cold water, and all modem conveniences attached. Also board can be obtained. 9KQ West gentleman and atIO wife can find a pleasant and neatly furnished front room, with board. In a private Utuifv.

Also, a single gentlemen. Reference required. 9C Mlchlgan-av Rooms to rent, wi hor board, for gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen. tarnished front OUT room, with closet, for gentleman ami wife or single gentleman, at a moderate price Also, day boarders accommodated. Reference required.

1 Michiiran-nv. large furnished Ironl Tut) room and two fornUhed or suitable for gentlemen and wives or single aicn. Dinner at 6. References given and required. Wabash.av.—Desirable rooms, with first-class board, for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen.

"7KO Michigan just north of Twenty. I In the now three-story hrlek block. Furnished and untarnished rooms, with board. Dinner at Ip.m. I room and board for gentleman aud wife or two gentlemen, Rcfcrenccrcqnlrcd.

VTATIONAL HOTEL front rooms for ii gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen, with orwiibont board, on reasonable terms. Three or four day boarders can be accommodated. Apply at the olflcc, corner of Washington and Wdls-stj, north of 11l In private family, ft pleasant room and large closer, with board. Modern Improvements in house, which Is newly fitted up. Furnace heat, and comforts of a home.

Address WW, care of Carrier 4, and slate where an Interview may be had. COUTH SIDF, convenient to street pleasant suite of unfurnished rooms, suitable for gentlemen and wife family private no other boarders taken. For terms, audresi Tribune office. business Chances. FOK lame flue hotel, containing JO rooms, well furnished, situated at Pern.

Illinois, will be sold or rented on terms. The ftirnltarc Is new and good, and can he bought satisfactorily to the purchaser. Address GEORGE D. LADD, agent. Peru, or Colonel A.

1L CHAMHERN, 32 North Philadelphia. I7OR have invented a new and greatly Improved Burglar Alarm, and have secured patent right on the same, which can be seen in operation at 53 Mllwankoe-av. This alarm Is superior to all others In use. Where It requires one of the others at each window or door, one of these alarms will answer for an entire building by the assistance of a wire nr string, which Is drawn all over the building and attached to the and also to each window or door, so if any window should be lifted or door opened, It will cause the discharge of the alarm. As I have said.

It can be seen in operation al 55 cigar store. N. P. I- its an, inventor, Chicago. XPOR splendid stock ot dry goods -T In ft flourishing town of eight hundred on line of C-, 11.

A Q. R. at a bargain. Also, fine brick store for sale or rent. Address Lock 80x32, Monmouth, 111.

Delraonico Dining hall J. and European Hotel, central location, good ran of custom. Price. down, balance in monthly payments out of profits. O.

Boom 6, No. TSLaSallc-st. FOR trade for lands, Hor Interest In the building, lease and foraitare of a hotel at Petroleum Centre. Rented for fx.tsW per annum. LAMB A 104 Randolph-st.

Boom FOR SALE-The machinery and fixtures of a shoe lace manufactory; capacity about 1.200 gross per week. Tagging machinery for 3.000 gross per week. Now working and In good condition. As there is no manufactory of the kind mtho West, it will afford a splendid opening. 15.000.

Address A. JACKSON, near New York City. T7OR self-fastening table leaf supporter, patented April 14. IS6S, which, for cheapness, durability and convenience, exceeds anything out. State, county and shop mats for sale or trade.

Address nr ralf see Table at Ko.Sftßnsh-st., Chicago. SAiIDEL EHKUAN, tentce. rpOR SALE ami clressmakins store, for sale cheap. 57? Sooth Caaal-st. assorted stock of fresh clothing and hoots and shoes, value Would exchange for inside city rroprrtT.

and amme Incumbrance. SIDNEY W. SEA, 2 lU.ndo!ph-sU FOR stores, tin and copper manufacturing badness, located SSiS and best part of the city for the 1 Stock amounts to fCSiCtt-ono part cash, the balance la city property. Address HQ, Tribune office. FOR lease and Bstnres of k.looq ana Hm.rJ UMr.

In pood business. Reason for scl.lns, ftbont to leave the city. Apply at South FOR SALE- Drmr store, stock of 57,000 in one of the best town? of Soothers Illinois, on road In frnlt reslon. Would exchange for good land In Central Illinois. For terms, address Box Olccy, 111.

I7OR easy terms, or will chan-e tor other cltr property, boarding bocse, Adam? ot- with lease of the ground and farnltnre. I will also sell office. bnlUlnz.dwelling antf barn, with 1,,,, years of loltifr'anJ Adams-st. JAMES BLAKE, Boom 14, Lombard Bloat. lease and furniture in a JD small brick hotel in this dty.

One of the best harries ever offered can be had. Must be sold. several thousand dollars, 1 legitimate paring business, well established. Address P. O.

Box city. FOR SALE-Lease and furniture of a No. I boarding house on Booth Side, now full cfboarders, at Is bargain. G. DANFURO ft Room No.

IS LaLatle-n. FDR SALE Printers and One share In a good paying job printing company. Small capital. Address CASH, care P3R Rare will buy the store and fixtures at 231 Sooth doing a good business and having a stock of cigars ana tobacco, fruits nuts, confectionery, and newspapers, and periodicals. Worth fax'.

Business good, and In lair prospect of betrg belter. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Inquire as above. T7OH SALE- interest in aeoodpayiper palooD.cood location, and doing a good, fair trade. Call at BALDWIN ft Business Exchange, IW Madlson-sU.

Room 4. T79R SALE-Business make a Fpcclalty tn this line. A bo heat. At BALDWIN ft CO. Bust ness Exchange, 10fi Madison 3ALE-A billiard SiJ -T wthont fixtures, on eons given tor Apply ft SSNorth ciml drucr store dolntr a good bnslnres-new awnings, coal laid In for the wintsr fkflOO, sh lcban estate.

Address ffliSaiUflissjaale Bookkeepers,, 4c, WAN Tailors. Tbicc good coal makers can bare steady eTnnl'irment Iheyearrf.nnd, at good wages. Apply to TOOS. L. (lUKKyilomt, Canton.

Faiton County, WANTED -I want a man to take the Agency for great Doable IteToin-i; MAi'J'pr and America, and America, with tbe 4,000 County colored map of the United States on the back, to-day, and needed by etery family, school nnd library In the land, with patent rereraew. by which either map can be thrown front Each map IsGtxftl inches ribbon binding and faced rollers. Price tj, worth fM A small capital will do to sun with, tit) copy can be got for great mnpa. bend stamp mr circular, terms, AC. J.

T. LLO XD, lk)X 319, Chicago, Cl. I Three experienced dry coods sileemcn. Falaryllla week. Apply to PETTIS.

DICKSON A Indianapolis. OAE 4i to sell, by sample. three hraa new Call at once an.l etanili them. ISS per week zuiranfi-d. o.

It. STANFORD a IS Block, Chicago. experienced salesman in TT the hat, cap, and fur trade. First-rate references required. Apply to A.

IIEItZOC, 10 Late st. WTANTHD For the Union Pacific Rail- Ti road, good stout railroad men. at 3 per day. Also good Carpenters at ft, and good Stone Masons alts per day. Free transportation.

B. HANSEN, Agent, U. K. 10 Klnric-st. ANTED- laborers for sradi'" TV B.

51. 11. K. In lows. Wages For transportation apply to oar agents.

B. Commission verchants.Xo. in Dearbora-st. WOLF. AYLE, Contractors, bov to VV a store and make himself get crallv ujeful.

Address EW, Tribune office. man to sell notions off a VV wagon. To famish his own team and wagon, and have goods furnished at New York cost. Address WAGON, In care of Carrier No. 3.

Chicago. crocery clerk. brake-men, VV 3 men to take orders, salesman. 3 waiters. 1 lann band, 2 drivers, and 50 laborers at £LSO per dav.

Apply at Room 40, Reynold's Block, assistant bookkeeper, I entry clerk. 1 travelling agent, 3 clerks. 3 brakemcn, 1 fireman. 3 porters. 3 waiters, 1 bartender and 3 palmers.

Apply at SI Room 1. Applicants t-y mall address H.G. ROSS A P. O. Box Sll, enclosing 10c for particulars.

laborers railroad work VV in Indiana. Free transportation. Also 500 to down Sooth. For particulars apply to the Company's agent. No.

73 Room 4. day. 20 choppers and ICO laborers for A Allegan R. R. 200 for Illinois.

JW for Wages $3 div. Free transportation. Apply at 160 RoiiuU. ANT laborers to work at a I day ICO men for Railroad, wasvs per day. I'lcnty of open logs for kinds of tabor at 93 lioomS.

to CDfratre in the husincs ofselllng Magic and Solder Cement' to Looses and stores. Men wanted to establish aecc ties. ISi South Room "WT To-dar, SCO railroad labnrcrs it for Illinois and lowa. Also teams, and a few Carpenters at ft, and Stone Masons at per dav. Free transportation.

256 South near Lakcst. bridge. operators on machine. blisters and finishers, and a good pressman. A decent tailor, with tem or cash, as partner In profitable business.

Call at 113 Bine Island-ar. TV'ANTED first class dry gomU salesman. who speak? German. Apple at No. 331 North Clark-st.

TT7ANTED salesmen tins morning, aner 9 at ORVIS 133 and 135 To first-class familiar Pith our line of goods we will par fj3 per week. Tothuseufllttle ornocxpetienc: salesmen of experience, li and one of little or no experience, to whom permanent cmplovroent and liberal salaries will be given Apply at K. CURRAN'S. No. IS A that means ousiocj Tf and has tSCO cash capital, ran secure a legit ate manufacturing that will piv Irnmcil atelv several hundred per cent.

LAMB A 1- Randolph-sR. Room 7. An experienced salesman, one acquainted with the boot and shoo business. Apply at 13t from to 9 a. TIT smart hoy for a b'rbcr shop that has been a short lime at the bnslncss preferred.

Apply at SI West Lako-sl. man in my cilice, one wi some eapUal preferred, and if he suits me I pay blmtisperwcck. Aupiyat 161 Washington £. LAMOST. TIT hov.

at No. li South at once. SMITH A CO. day, 1,000 railroad la- It borers R. I.

ft Ik R. per dar. Work all winter. Free transportation. Also foe Michigan.

Apply to K. CHRISTIAN Agents, Room 3 Block, bridge. dav, I.j saw mill hands for Michigan. AisoSft quatrvlaborers, 10chop- Grs. at Employment Headquarters, Room 3.

Block. Tradog. good linuer to go to the country. For'particulars Inquire of JEWETT KOor. ro linncrs.

Steady work all winter, ifil Cottage Grot e-av. good Cabinet maker. Apply tt at 143 a. m. Apply at No.

-0 North State st. to do repairing on tt clothing. Good wages. Apply at .333 South Clark st. Fifteen good carpenters at nc-w theatre, Kos.

11l and 11 1 DcarMra-st. mediate employment and good 2jcip Three girls to make neck tits and one for housework. West Girls experienced in makin: tl band-made neckties. Apply at 73 Twcnty-fiflL First-class ironers at Dearborni ft. Laundry, No.

basement. Also uppren- It tiers to loam the boslne Inquire at 101 Twenty-second st. MRS. ROW LAN IK good Hoop Skirt maker, at I No. 150 South Clark-st.

finishers on coats. Ti Also, five operators. Good prices Apply at 331 stalest. girl No. 149 Twenty between and Statc-st.

House Servants- hall-crown colored Ctrl to assist In general housework. 9 and 11 In the morning, at 499 West Madlson-st. A good girl to do general housework la a small utility. Must come well recommended. Call atlCO Third-av.

girl to do general house- Tv work, with good city Apply at 174 illchlgan-st. competent cook and dining room girl In a private boardinghouse. Irqnire at SGC between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m., basement door. WT thoroughly competent Ing room girl. None other need apply.

Call al Ml Wabasb-av. Norwegian or Gorman grl TT capable of dolus general housework, tor a family or six persons. Heat of references required. Apply at No. near Twelflh-st.

"TITANTED A girl to do second work. Tv Apply at 423 Wabash from 10 a. m.tol pm. Good references required. At 331 a good it competent cook, washerand Ironer.

One that understands her business, and docs It, can get good TT7ANTED Two girls, one to cook, wash tt and Iron, the other to do second work and attend to children. Apply to B. F. PATRICK, 6tt Wabush-nv. girl to work on custom TT vests.

Apply at Room 23. Dole's Building, northwest corner Clark and South Watcr-st. A Ctrl of good character, not TT over JO years of nge, as servant In a familv on the West Side, where she would have a coinforiuble nrd happy home, if she would be perfectly content to live in a cottage. Call at 3 West Tylcr-sL, corner of Centre-ar. A good pleasant girl to TT In general housework.

Apply at 21S State-st. girl who cm cook, wash and iron. Good wages and a comfortable home. Scotch or German preferred. Apply at 297 Weal Tajlor, between llabted-st.

and Blue leland-av. National Hotel, a wom-m Tv cook and girl for general work. Apply at the WANTS good cook and second girl. Apply at basement door, at 436 Mlchlgan-ar. An English woman, or a German.

Norwegian, or Swedish one, who can speak English, to do general housework In private family. A good home and permanent sitnalkm. Applv, lor two days, at 379 West Taylor-st, near Uw- SLd-ft. Waitress. Good references it required.

No Irish necdapply. ApplyatSH Huron-Bt. to do housework a it jamUy of three CaT all 19 West Van Burca-wt, between 9a. m. and 4p.

ro. TT7 ANTED good pirl for general boose- Tl work, at 127 Wrjt Jackaon-sL Must havea ixeommrndatioti. An assistant cook. Anply TT early at GRANT SON'S Dearborn-st. eood fiirl to do ireneraT housework.

American or German preferred. To such a one pood wages and stead; employment Inaolrc at sr2G TXTANTED-At 213 a trood cook, washer and Irocer, In a prieate boarding house. Onewbocanfornlshjtood references. TXT girl to do perioral bouse- work. Good paj and permanent place.

Apply at Park-av. competent alrl to do second Ti work. Apply, wlia references, TTest Washing, oa-st. TT7 the Et. Cloud Hotel Vt and dining room girls.

chamber 4S near Wa- VV smart. Intelligent girl for dlninsroom and chamber work. Girl to iLt cenoral housework in a email family. Inquire at 17TX North La- Salle-st. TXT first-class cook.

Call 115 Adama-st 2 and 1 p.m. Kent. a centtanen and Ms wife, a first-class residence. famished. In one cf the best and most respectable localities In Chlcaco.

Mlchlgan-ar. or Wabash preferred. Address Box 86S, or call at Boom S. Lombajd JHock. I To want to rent a Tv small house famished, and well located, on the South Side.

SIDNEY L. UNDERWOOD, bo. Washtcgton-st. first floor, with entire control of kitchen, or three large In rooms, with flrst-claas board. Including a gentleman and wife chua-c Wabash or net Twenty the winter.

and rc qolred. Address GOOD POME, Tribune gpce. On the for aidTiither now. or on or before Novemw rth Jnorif cottaefrof Ito 6 rooms or neighborhood. West to3o walsTng distance from lt i.

a Rent mast he moderate, 4i ldrcs3 UG. Tribane office. a respectable private house, by a gentleman and lady, small satiable fbr housekeeping. Address, grating terms 8. Trlbnae office.

lilersonal. correspondence is desired JT by a young gentleman, with a few young ladles of refinement. Bole object, amusement. Address, FRANK T. GRAHAM.

Chicago, 111. PERSONAL wanted with several young ladles, agreeable and accomplished. with a further acquaintance if desirable. No Benders." Address jobteotteb, Situations aaazmteb. Males.

A younc man of steady habits desires a situation In a leather had two experience; writes agootf Rood marker, and It willing work. Address GEO. A. WHITE, Chicago, 111. SL I I UA Photographers r'Qfle of the oldest most soccestfcil photo-slatp prwent la thU city, or 1 fcl, a to cUanre of a raDery.

Addrcia PUOTOCItATfIEa, TrlftlTU fl a boot and sfaoc trr. Addrers ENXIN 1 S. cl a maa wl German, to do hiTT self nsefi lla a store. Inquire at ta Br an experienced drur clerk. Address Jancarlrie staling terms.

OITUATIi Watted As dnur clerk, by yonpc man having some knowledge ol the business Rrfcrrnccs given. If required. Address EW. Dcddsvlllc. 111.

ITU ATION coachman bv aa experienced man. In private faniilv. Anrdf ins three days, at his last place, 697 illchlgaa-av. )d references given. SITUATION a The best of One who truly understands hfs business.

AddressT DT, Tribune office. Merchaet Tail- cutter by a man of experience andnnexcei.tlonabliyiiabll?. Address CUTTER, Trlbane office, with real name. Wanted-By an experienced salesman, in a boot and shoe or leather honse.or with some other parties. Can loan his employer few hundred ollarj If ncecssaary.

Address LAMB. No. IC4 Rasdolph-sL, By. a yonnsr man of sti ady habits, writes a plain rapid hand, to drivo adellvrry wagon, work In a or fbr a pirate, uraily. Any person doirics the services ol ayonmg u-an would Qnd the advertiser falthfnl and trustworthy.

ef references. Address NEWTON, Tribune CJTUATION a bov eighteen years of age, can write a coo cl hand and has practicable experience In the Engllsblsi languages. Oe I- most desirous of retting Into a store. Apply at Scandinavian House. UP Michigan-st.

Oil UAIIOX-TTantcd-Bj a ronnij man who a jtood penman, and correct, la or office; is accustomed to Would do any wrltlusat Oood reference. Address Tribune office? iTL anted By a respectable youssuwa coachman nnd gardener; the cate of Country preferred. Address lor two days, 1), Tribune office. Drucfji a yencs man from Scotland, In a drag store.

Lad seven experience at the basinet, andK well recommended. Address CHEMIST, Tribune office. SITUATION Wanted -By a first-class 5 enrdenor. Hood city references given. Address AUDEN EB, Tribane office.

CITL Bva practical and thoroughly competent bookkeeper In a wholesale groerrv or rnniinldoa hoasc. honest and of good steady tnMts. City references given. Address Xnbnnecffice. an Irishman Jest landed in the States, as clerk, or employment lu light business, has some knowledge of thr taltdlns trade, amt of arch trctural ami mechanical drawing.

Address TM, Tribune office. Dnig- dispensing clerk by a person who been unfortunate In hndne Excellent letters Ac. Address for three days, JL, Tribune office. CITh ATI -By a young man to drive a carriage. Has bad three vearV experience In the same occupation.

Address Driver, west Lakc-st. a good dressk? maker. In famines erfertwonnn laashup. Inquire at No. 7 Hlnsdalc-st.

CITL-ATION an American O'lndy as oasekeeper. References exrhaog-rt. staling where an Interview may be bad. No. 3IS West Carroll-st.

QITL a voting to do general housework in a urinate familv. Good refemu es given If required, incase address for two days, 11, Tribune office. SITUATION a good cook, washer and Ironer. Please call on or address No. til South Stale st.

a good girl to do up-stairs or dining room work. In a private Ciaiily. Good reformers given. Inquire for two days at HI Wentworth-av. a Get man girl (Protestant) as chambermaid In a first-cla-s fim- llv.

Understands plain sewing, work and. dress-making. Apply at ICO Mvbioa-st. CITL a respectable yoanu woman to do plain sewing In a private fi mtlv. Is a very cent sewer.

Inquire at No. 4 Hlas(ialC-st. As maid or to do sewing or second work. Address w. Tribune office.

cook or to do general housework. upstairs. CITI a compStcnt German woman housekeeper. Goodreferenew given. Address GERMANIA.

Tribune office. CITUATION Wanted By a young lady as to learn the business. Speaks French and German Best references given. Address Miss Tribune office, a Protestant girl, faithful and good as ca i be found In Chicago, to go south of Also, two gotxt girls, with fi rvm e-. to on tne North side.

Apply at Mrs. office. liSii State-st, cook in a pri- vate familv by a respectable girl. No' objections to general housework. Good ref-runces.

Apply at Si. Joseph Orphan Asylum, corner North State and Supcrlor-sts. CITUATI IN Wan a trosiworthr elrl to do up stairs wars. Address Tribune office. CITUATIONS two very re- sitectaldc girls, one as cook.

a-id iroaer. ana the other 10 do accoud work. Best of city references given. Inquire at 166 North ludiaua-st. SITUATIONS two Canadian girls In a private famllr.

as cook and second gtrt. nr girl and seamstress. Apply at 131 North QITUATfON a private family, as housekeeper, bv a thoroughly competent lady. Mrs. A Tribune otrtcc.

agents SHaantcb. Wunlfci. For new book, AND SHADOW IN NEW If yon wish to know how are mad- and lust In a day; arc swindled by sharper-; how gambling houses and lotteries are conducted, and everything of luting to prominent men and Important places of New York, read AND SHADOW IS NRW A large octavo over TOO pages, finely Illustrated. Ws want maleor female. In every cSlv or town to canvass for It.

Everybody wants to know all about New York. book ever published that sells Ronpldly. Vte employ no general and offer thelarrust cotcmbulon. Sendfbr our 33-page circular. Fell particulars andterm-to agents sent free on application.

J. B. BURK A CO-Pubs. Hartford (X A lS. Mb a year to agents JrV to introduce as article of absolute household utilllv.

and In universal demand. Address W. A. UENIIERSON i Cleveland, Ohio. Look in the papers and find where the political meetings are beingheld, ther a nd ton-nnc get an assortment of Pins and Medals, nr Pictures In oval frames.

You can nun airuair, i iviUtia Ml makefStoflo a day till November. We guarantee oar assortment SO per cent better and cheaper than elsewhere In the cityJlAddress SAMMONS. CLARK 101 Lakc-at A GENTS- Wanted I.OCO male and female. who can clear SIOO per month on my everv day selling articles, send for circulars. U.R.LANDON, 67 Lakc-st.

Wan-ed Frr -THE BLUE COATS, and how they lived. Fought and Died for the Union, with and Incidents In the Great It contains over 100 fine engravings ana SCO pages, and the spiciest and cheapest war book published. Price only $2.50 per cony. Send for and see our terms. and a full description of the work.

Address JONES. DUOS. A CO- Chicago. HI. the city, to whom extra Inducements will be offered by the KNICKERBOCKER LIFE- Apply at '66 and 164 Chicago.

RICHARD BAXTER, Manager. A Indelible ell for marking linen, Plsnchette, the great mysterv. and twentv other articles. Send for onr new clrtnjlars. SITRTEVANT 9 Custom House place, basement.

AGENTS Baders 1 to 5c each: Live? and Portraits of Candidates. 10c each; Charts, 20c each. Sent hv express. C. O.

D. No time to be lost. GOODSPEED Chicago. A GENTS book agenU and all wonting profitable employment: Send yr.npaddreis.and wewliloend you, free, a sample of a llaht article, which sella at sight and pays too per cent. STODDARD A CtL, 105 Chicago A Farmers Wanted A OP STOCK about the history and varieties, crofelng, breeding, feeding and management, and tlielr remedies, of the horne, mttlc.

sheep, oonltrv, etc. In cheapness and It rival. Every farmer absolutely needs It. NEW MAP and a State map given to every subscriber, also to any who will procure a good agent. For dcampttvepamphlet.

adJresa. GOODS'EED A Chicago or New York. A a new and useful A work out, RECOLLECTIONS OF A BUSY by Horace Greeley. A splendid octavo vol- ume of over 00 beautifully Illustrated. A.

work of real value and deep latcrrat to old and yoon; of all classes. Agents with experience or without who want a ready-selling book forali-claaaea. wit send Immediately and secure first choice of territory Terms extremely liberal. I. A.

STODDARD 102 Chicago. A the official HIS- A TOBY OF THE by Hon. Alexander A hook far all asfl all parties, a constitutional view uf the Character, Conduct and of the War. more and mote nt polar as becomes better Sales Immense. AzcnU with other books can double their lists hr taking this.

Srnd for fall descriptions and terms; Address, ZEIGLER, McCURPT Philadelphia, i Cincinnati, O-, Chicago, Hh, or SU La ala. Mo. A To sell: DR. W3I. A SMITH'S DICTIONARY OP THE BIBLE.

Also, the Derotloaal and Practical Bible, Pncly tratad and very altractlye. Semi for B. U. TREAT. 117 South Chicago.

A GB to oer week Xl can be made by male or female with LINING-1 Celebrated Spring Steel Needle Everybody will have one. Poor papers la eacn package. Send 23 cents for sample pacsaeea and ctrcalar. C. M.

LTNENQTON, 6S Sooth Guess'. IU. A Ibc AMERICAN SPRING STEEL NEEDLES. Oar agents aro maklnc to 30 per day. and any person caado aa well- Send stamp terms IO sample of needier end efcht other articles SUAX ft 87 Halsted-st.

Chicago. female, In a permanent business, snltabla little llac, wV have the ten selling and beat payln? la the United States, r.ceofnl In every family, and pay atenr? with small canltal.9o cents on the dollar. Call the Inducamei.U, or send af wcn. Uouhle E. W.uUrrrd.L aloQgul Chicago.

OUR FAMILY in both English and German. A thoroughly reliable guile to tb- detection and treatment of all diseases tbst can be either checked in their career or treated entirely by any Intelligent person, without the aidof a pbysldan especially such as re- Suite prompt and energetic measures, and those at to this country: embracing the allopathic, patbie, hydropathic, eclectic ami herbal modes or treatment. An octavo volume of over 500 elo-ely printed pages. Price No book now published offers agents equal inducements. It trill sell readily to all classes of people, as the subject Is of the greatest Importance to even- indlvidnaL Exclusive torW lory given.

Address Xs. GOODMAN ft 5 Custom He use-place. Chicago, HL A invite the attea- A tlonof agents and dealers to onr large and well selected stock of campaign and holiday goods; conslstlngln part of carved walnut and gilt frames; Saio oval rosewood and gilt do, rustic parlor and card do, alt urns, steel engravings, stereoscopic views, lithographs, plain and colored; card, cabinet, and medium photographs, maps, charts, badges, medals, Srlze packages, etc. Our goods are ati new.of the fst quality, and we do not Intend to he undersold by any house In the West. Send for circulars.

GEORGE F. CRAM. Proprietor Western Map Depot, 131 Lakeat. Chicago. A GENTS timekeeper, some cate, glass crystal, steel and metal works, white enamelled dial, ordinary watch size, warranted to denote eorreckUme and keep tn order fire years.

Agents are making per month selling this wonderful Invention. Send si fbt timekeeper or write for terms. B. STANFORD ft CO Block; Chicago, UL.

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